Diary #8: Something strange has happened

In the end America is about dignity, poetry and humanity. Actress Kate Pendry keeps a diary from rehearsals and preparations for America Ep. 2 - Psychopatriot.

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Erik Berg

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DAYS 24-27: Performances
Something strange has happened. The usual chaos of opening nights, second nights, third nights ... . the mercurial ups and downs of running in a show ... . do not seem to be with us.

We set sail, and are on course. No icebergs in sight.

We delivered something very good on the first night. It seems this way, at least. After many years in the business one can tell  lukewarm from warm responses. Tom Remlov gave an incredibly eloquent and moving speech in the foyer,  after the first performance. Tom could be and actor at the Royal Shakespeare Company (imho), his choice of words and elegant delivery are captivating. He spoke of the magnetic field of attraction that is Winter Guests (at it's best): Alan’s and Andrew’s chemistry ... the thing that happens with us as a company. The word ‘modest’ was used more than once that night, but Tom spoke of the modesty of great artistry, artistry that dares to be humble. I do think the alchemy worked in this production. On a personal level I experience things before going on stage, and being on stage, that I have searched for throughout my career, but never found. I am convinced this is due to two things:

1) Not being forced to ‘act’ (as in ‘do’ stuff to keep the audience entertained).

2) Superb writing.

Perhaps also, that one is wrestling personal demons, and performing this play is a respite from that battle.

In the end America is about dignity, poetry and humanity.

And it has been an honour to serve.

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- Foto: Erik Berg

America Ep. 2 - Psychopatriot, 17. - 20. november 2016