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, 5. August

5. August

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Skjermbilde 2020 05 18 Kl 10 59 24

The French Alpes: Dreaming About Flying.

French choregrapher Rachid Ouramdane devises his day in four: homeschooling, job, sport and culture.

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Seoul, South-Korea: Hopefully we will be able to be together and dance together soon.

South-Korea was struck hard by the Covid-19 virus. From her home, Sout-Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn reports. She was supposed to visit Oslo in May

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The countryside, France: Fog, love and ghosts

Choreographer Christian Rizzo would have been in Oslo with his performance une maison which due to the situation had to be cancelled. What is he

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Montreal, Canada: Creates in spite of the fear

In Montreal Helen Blackburn is trying to keep up the spirit and keep fear on a distance. Partly by making dance for small spaces.


Montreal, Kanda: Looking forward to go to the cottage.

Frédérick Gravel played at Dansens Hus autumn 2019. Right now he should be in rehersals for carte Blanche in Bergen. That didn´t happen.


Johannesburg, Sør-Afrika: 27 dagers lockdown

Gregory Maqoma leder kompamiet Via Katlehong, som spilte på Dansens Hus januar 2019. Her er en rapport fra ham i fra Johannesburg.


Tøyen, Oslo: Make sure we dont go back to normal.

Mia Habib is one of Norway’s most important choreographers, internationally known and respected for her work. With Mia Habib Productions she was set

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Bergen, Norway: I haven’t been this long in one place for years!

Choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen is in Bergen, far away from all the projects that were supposed to take place this spring.


Mohamed Toukabri

The Tunisian choreographer and dancer Mohamed Toukabri opened our 2020 season in January. Now he is quarantined in Belgium. We had a chat with him on

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Paris, France: Hope everyone can find a Chansey right now.

James Batchelor could last be seen at Dansens Hus in September 2019 in the performance Hyperspace. At the moment he's in law-enforced quarantine in


Stockton, California: Please be kind to each other

We have asked a number of artists around the world what they do in quarantine and isolation during the influenza pandemic that is raging across the


Mexico: Vasker hendene heeeele tiden

Vi har spurt dansekunstnere verden over om hva de gjør i karantene og isolasjon under influensapandemien som herjer over hele kloden. Kanskje det kan

Portrait Ingri Fiksdal By Jonas Corell Petersen

Simensbråten, Oslo: Running the desolate streets at night.

Ingri Fiksdal maneuvers kindergarden at home, corona news and running in desolate streets at night.

Cassandra Moldenhauer

Alexander Kiellands plass, Oslo: Mental check-in with hangout on Zoom.

Norway’s «Vogue mami», Cassandra, masters technique and precision by focusing on small details, such as hands and arms. She arranges vogue balls,

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Grünerløkka, Oslo: I told you so!

Ulf Nilseng is a Norwegian dancer, and has recently appeared in the media in connection to Sløseriombudsmannen,«the ombudsman of waste», who is

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