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Workshop med Bojana Kunst, Sergej Pristas og Eleanor Bauer

Velkommen til workshop med Bojana Kunst, Sergej Pristas og Eleanor Bauer. Det er gratis adgang, men påmelding må skje til billettsalg@dansenshus.com grunnet kapasitet.

Skjermbilde 2018 05 09 Kl 15 01 15


Torsdag 26. april kl. 12-15 Bojana Kunst We will examine the complex position of artist in the time of the crisis, marked by troubling political movements today. The position of the artists will be approached mostly from the perceptive of his or her work, the ways how the artist are developing modes of working together and how this collaborative models an maybe offer another institutional frame. I would like to disclose how the work of artist should be analysed to critically approach the complex dynamic of artistic dependence from the neoliberal production of subjectivity. But on the other side, maybe the work itself can be a productive site of resistance through which the crisis is addressed: here we will discuss new ways of thinking about care, precarious modes of being and coming together.    

Fredag 27. april kl. 12-15 Sergej Pristas Institutional apparati are ticking time bombs. Institutions are the perseverance of certain forms composed in rhythms and compile different temporal dynamics, patterns, and periods. Every theatre is a conglomerate of time patterns that have acquired their formal organisation – elements of institutions often link material with immaterial forms of architecture, management, repertoire calendar and schedules, working hours, modes of presentation, technology, organisation of watching, design, style periods, etc. that have accumulated in epistemologically and productively different historical periods. Institutions therefore repeat time patterns that make them recognisable, as well as juxtapose incommensurable rhythms in the social whole, which is precisely the cause of their problematic relationship with the present; their iterability rests in performances of routines and norms through practices of work, communication, moving, and phenomenality that are not necessarily or are seldom synchronous with the rhythms of more mobile economic, social, and cultural actors. How can we fly these time-machines?

Lødag 28. april kl. 13-16 Eleanor Bauer What are the poetics of our dancing body-minds? In this workshop we will tackle the near impossibility of translating and transposing our dance-thinking into language-thinking, and back again. We will dance and write and dance and write and dance some more, accumulating through practice an approach to embodied discourse and poetics from the point of origin of asking how dance thinks. Bending language to reflect what happens when we dance, how we make sense, how we coordinate and navigate the layers of thought, attention, memory, reference, intuition, ideas, representations, sensations, and more, how our subjective and objective understandings weave and intersect, how imagination and observation collide and collaborate, how fantasies and realities expand and contract in, around and through our thinking bodies, or maybe how silence and stuttering and absence of language makes the whole situation a paradoxical bumblefuck, or maybe through some other way of making sense and/or unmaking sense of it, we will work to give words to the experience of dancing. What happens with those words afterward - as poetry, choreography, music, documentation or reflection - is all fair game. Consider this an invitation for language to be devoured by dance, for your dance-brain to take over your language-brain, and for your dance to claim its own discursive terms and conditions.

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