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Urban Moves 2019 Judges&DJ

The awesome contributors of this years festival

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Marcio Salvador -Urban Moves 2018 - Foto: Dreiemoment

Our contributors comes from all over the world. Wanna know more? Here you go

Kapela, a member of the Serial Stepperz Group and Wanted Posse whose specialties are Top Rock and House Dance, dissociates himself by his agility.
In 1999 he started with the Break Dance where his other strong point: the musicality, allows him to be noticed during battles Top Rock / Footwork. Such as the 1000 for 100 Underground Paris, Sweden Street Star, Black Sea Contest Russia. In 2004 he joined the International Dance Academy (AID) where for three years he will get rich artistically and technically.
It is the meeting with Babson of the Wanted Posse which will initiate a turning point in his personal and artistic life, he discovers the House Dance.

With all his experiences and training Kapela innovates and imposes his style by mixing between them footworks and steps.
Winners and judge of many prestigious events, Kapela is undoubtedly part of the French Outsiders.
Recognized internationally its reputation is well established, although the best is yet to come.

Urban Moves 2019 Kapela 2

As a Brooklyn native, Caleaf Sellers (aka Big Leaf) began developing his craft at an early age. His passion for dance and love for music has kept him in the business for fifteen years. Caleaf is one of the original pioneers to come out of New York's dance movement in the late 80's. He is a member of the famed Moptop Unit and Dance Fusion. Caleaf mixes Hip-Hop and House to create his own unique dance style.
As an emcee/producer, Caleaf has created music for the Break of Dawn Label with the Ten Thieves, Moptop in Japan and on Harlem Recordings with DJ Kango.
Caleaf tours the world teaching the art of House dancing. His goal is to share the culture of the dance through performances and by teaching movement foundation, technique and history from an originator point of view. He is committed to keeping the culture alive for future generations of dancers.

Caleaf 2

Terry “Brooklyn Terry” Wright, is a self-taught dancer who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Charles “Charlie Brown” Wright, who was known as the best skater at famous Empire Skating Rink. His mother, Denise Wright frequented the club scene at a young age and like Terry was discovered to be a dancer with exceptional talent.
Terry attended Prospect Heights High School in Brooklyn and developed quite a reputation for his dancing. At age 21, he began his career as a professional dancer, and has gone on to travel the world. He gained more notoriety after becoming a member of “Elite Force,” one of the most influential dance crews of all time. They are recognized for pioneering the face of true hip hop dance.
Brooklyn Terry is a phenomenal Hip-Hop and house dancer. Most people know him for his impeccable footwork as a house dancer. His rhythmic patterns exhibit skills like that of a foot musician. He has appeared on television and traveled nationally and internationally with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Lil Kim, Da Brat, and the late Whitney Houston.
Terry has successfully popularized his organic styles of dance in both the underground and mainstream communities. He has remained true to his underground roots maintaining the utmost respect of his peers. He serves as a judge for some of the world’s largest dance battles like Juste DeBout and SDK (Street Dance Kemp). His dance workshops are in high demand worldwide.

Brooklyn Terry is the proud father of three and homeowner residing in Tokyo, Japan where he lives with his wife and children, and is co-owner of NDS x Brooklyn Bomber Dance Studio. At this stage of his life, it is important to him to provide a legacy for his family, empower his community and share not only his creative talents but the importance of entrepreneurship and wealth building.

Brooklyn Terry 2
Brooklyn Terry

LAMARRE MICHAEL aka Niako, a versatile hip hop dancers from France, began to dance in 1997 while studying in a school art in Paris. Already inspired at this time by Michael Jackson, he discovered hip hop through the B boying and joined the Daltons Possee with which he evoluate and get the opportunity to dance on the most important french scenes of the hip hop culture as « les rencontres urbaine de La Villette" or "le festival Suresnes cites dances". In 2001, he Incorporate the "International Dance Academy" school to study classical dance, contemporary and jazz, while incorporating the musical of "10 commandments"; where it will sit alongside the choreographers and dancers such as Pfly , Bruce Ykanji, Dedson and Yaman from Wanted, Physs section C, Sandrine Vandeveld, Stephane Loras, with who he developed an open mind and define his technique. He later became a choreographer and a professional dancer , and work for people like KamelOuali, brands like Adidas or Puma, the cotemporary company ArtobA, PropoS or for Matt Pokora, Beatriz luego, and other Rn'B and hip hop artist. Since 2004 he travel around the world, continue to evoluate and learn through his trips. After many victory in international dance competitions and a good pedagogy; he became an internationally known dancer and a teacher recommended ….In 2007 he works for the first time in italy where he met the Organisation PJD that was working for the devellopement of the hip hop culture over there, Few years later he become the the artistic director of this association and become the figure of the Dance festival and camp call HYPER WEEK. Also in 2014, he also take part of the international project named HIPHOP4HOPE in philipines alongside of Kaizen Picture. This project try to bring the real value of the hip hop culture around the world by helping the street children with this street elements of hip hop. Street culture against street violence.


FunkyP is one of the greatest female popper in Japan. She has been judging and performing a lot of dance battles and contests all over in Japan. She attracts other dancers with her original hard popping and groovy wave styles.

Funky P
Funky P

Salah is the definition of the word ‘entertainer’. He is a hip-hop dance icon who is adored by millions of fans across the world, and has been a huge influence in the recent popularity of hip-hop dance culture. He is one of the most watched dancers on the planet with massive YouTube popularity. Salah has proved to the world that street artists can be genuine superstars.
As a competitive dancer, Salah has been victorious at many major events including UK B-Boy Championships and Juste Debout, funkin stylez, IBE , BOTY, HTWW, BEAT IT RED BULL, ETC... He is also well versed in numerous street dance styles including popping, locking, breaking and freestyle. Indeed, he has become renowned for his unique P.A.B.E approach, which incorporates Popping, Animation, Boogaloo and Effect styles.

He is a crowd loving performer, and crowds love him, whose improvisation and unpredictability never fails to make an impact wherever he goes. His performances, whether on stage, in a club or a chance passing by on the street, are unforgettable experiences which have gone on to make him one of the most respected street dance artists worldwide.
Breathe the Beat is Salah’s vision of teaching his art form, not just technically but also spiritually and mentally. It is his tried and tested method for approaching dance as an empty vessel and to live freely through the music such that it becomes one with his movements, emotions and characters. Salah wants this project to inspire a new generation of dancers to not just dance by the book but to see the power within themselves to tell their story.


Franqey is one of the best Popping dancer the World. He start dancing in 2001 and start competitions in 2003. He finished winner in more than 200 competitions worldwide like KOD, Juste debout preselection, Funkyn stylez , crazy dancing and more ... He's traveling around the world to judge all the best event and give workshops and masterclass. Franqey organize battles and jam in france and in other country. He love to share his passion for the dance with everyone he met.


Dj Ake, born in 1992, begins to mix music professionally in 2010.
Member of The Fonzarelli's Crew, Madzooka and Anthem Brand Ambassador, he played in most of the world's biggest street dance events like: Juste Debout (Paris), SDK Europe (Czech Republic), RedBull BC One World Finals (Zurich), Fusion Concept (Paris) etc.

After traveling through all Europe, he starts an Asiatic Tour that touches cities like Tokyo, Ulaanbataar, Taipei & Singapore, becoming the first Italian Dj at the world famous Radikal Forze Jam.

He becomes known for his original Dj Sets in parties, it helps him to be called as Guest Dj in clubs & festivals like: Veyvey (Lausanne), Qube (Rome), Duel Beat (Naples), Obsession (Basel), Dynamo (Zurich), Magazzini Generali (Milano), Saponeria (Rome), Casineum (Lucern), Magnolia (Milano), Spazio Novecento (Rome), Hunnu Music Festival (Ulaan Bataar) etc.

He continues to mix in Clubs all around Europe, sharing the stage with many Italian Rappers and with Sean Kingston and Radiohead at Open Air Festival (Zurich).

He also made collaboration with Clothing Brands through advertising campaigns and mixing music in fashion shows like: Furious Clothing (Italy), Wood Fellas (Germany), Combo (Italy), Two Angle (France), RPRG (Switzerland), etc.

Winner of Producer Of The Year 2017 from Cruisin’, today Ake is Dj Resident at Magnolia (Milano) and he still traveling all around the world through Events, Parties & Battles.

Dj Ake
Dj Ake
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