Hva leter du etter?

Paris, France: Hope everyone can find a Chansey right now.

James Batchelor could last be seen at Dansens Hus in September 2019 in the performance Hyperspace. At the moment he's in law-enforced quarantine in France, where he was supposed to be in residency. Wa had a chat with him - on e-mail.

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James Batchelor er i sitt hjem i Paris.

Where are you now and what is your status quo?
I am in currently in Paris doing a residency at the Cité International des Arts supported by the Australia Council. Here in France we are in police enforced home lock-down. I was supposed to be here working in studios and discovering/exploring the French arts world, but now it feels like basically a residency at home. But I am ok, feeling grateful to have this safe place to be at the moment.

If you are in quarantine, what routines have you made for yourself?
I am actually trying to be pretty lenient with myself and not be too attached to a routine. I’m taking it day by day and listening to my instinct and impulses as they come. Ive been doing some writing about my practice and creating a new website, cooking, applying for grants and funding support, playing games, watching shows with my partner.

What do you read?
Right now I am reading Frozen Tears III - ‘Gay prophesy of the demonically social’ - a collection of theory/horror texts.

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What are you watching?
Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12, Six Feet Under, Daria

What are you listening to?
Techno/Dance and ambient music. Also listening to live streamed DJ sets.

How do you move?
It's really hard to move right now in this small apartment! I am not taking it too seriously though, mostly spontaneous bursts of movement anything and everything allowed. Right now I am doing lots of YouTube led practice like Qigong with 'Mimi Kuo-Deemer' and Yoga with 'Yogini Melbourne'. Ive also been doing a few Pilates zoom classes with Emily Ranford in Berlin.

If you could send a message that would reach everyone, worldwide what would it be?
I think maybe just some kind of telepathic psybeam of aquamarine light that makes everything sparkle a little bit more. Also Soft-boiled is the signature move of the Pokemon Chansey, which is a healing move. Chansey will share its eggs with injured people and Pokemon and is said to bring good luck and happiness. I hope everyone can find a Chansey right now.

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