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15 home activities for kids!

Stay-at-home-time means dance-time! Here are 15 dance activities you can do with your children in the holidays.

Krister Kanck 01 Dans Forgrunn
Illustrasjon: Krister Kanck

1. The Chameleon Dance

Put on music, an choose a Chameleon Master. She will decide how everyone else in the room will dance. Use simple instructions like «Dance in slime», «Dance like a fly», «Dance old fashioned.» You can invent words on the spot, or write them on cards. Here are words for inspiration:

Old fashioned
With super powers
Without a head
Under water
From the future
Trees and flowers
Dragon child

2. Dance cards

Make your own cards with different simple shapes. Decorate if you like! Use the for warm up or make your own choreography!

1) Put on fun music, and draw a card.
2) When the music plays everyone dances like the shapes on the card.
3) When the music stops - everybody freezes.

Chose three cards and lay them out, one after another. Do each movement, and then find a way to connect them. Chose a clear start position and end position. Present the choreography to someone!

Oslo School of Culture

3. Invisible ball

Imagine having an invisible ball between your hands. If you like, hold a real ball to recognize what it feels like to hold a ball. Then put it away and try to remember the feeling of holding a ball.

Stand steady on two legs, and pretend that the ball starts to flow in the air. It takes you on a journey and you need to follow it. The ball might grow and grow, bigger and bigger, how does it impact the distance between your hands? Imagine the ball with magic powers and it can do anything!

You can also throw the invisible ball to a friend. Play around with it, your imagination sets the limits!

Ida Haugen

4. Passion Dance

Now is the time to show you true inner feelings! Passion Dance is all about dancing your most inner feelings to the most wonderful music you know. Everything goes! It's actually a bit like singing in the shower It can help you feel more free if you close your eyes in the beginning. Passion dance is the Norwegian dance duo Siri and Snelles own dance style - their advise is that Passion Dancing helps on almost anything.

92348429 519879105388892 8451185145221742592 N
Siri and Snelle in passionate and enthusiastic Passion Dance. Guest: Anders Møller. - Foto: Marit-Anna Evanger

5. Dance tracks

Make paper cut-outs of your hands and feet and put them out on the floor. Make traces or systems to follow - or perhaps no system at all?! Throw them in the air and see what choreography you end up finding through the traces. The task is to jump from foot to foot to get through the house in a different and imaginative way. Remember to sellotape the hands and feet well, or else one might slip and fall.

6. The Art of Balance

Fill an empty water bottle half way up with water. Balance it on your head whilst moving through the room. Can you move up and down without loosing control of the bottle? Can you move other body parts? Can you dance?

80960169 524658911471274 8655141197804732416 N
The Talawa Technique has exercises where the dancers must balance bottles or baskets on their heads while moving. Here from a workshop with Tabanka Dance Ensemble. - Foto: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen

7. Dance Party

Plan a dance party at your house! Dress up in whatever clothes and fabrics you have lying around - a swimsuit on top of the pajamas or make bunny rabbit ears by putting socks in a pair of tights with feet and put on your head. You can do the limbo, The Chicken Dance or make a dance chain and dance around the house holding hands or on the shoulders. Try out various different music that you perhaps never listen to, opera, afrobeats or hits from the past. Here is a playlist with different dance party music, try it out!

8. Dancing in the waves

Making waves with a blanket it always fun! Take the larges blanket or piece of fabric you can find and let the kids explore being in the wavy habitat.

Icb Scenehuset Foto Tale Hendnes 2020 4
There is lots of movement in blankets and fabrics! On the picture is Oda Bjørholm from the rehearsals of the family production «Dream» made by ICB-productions.

9. Dance Tips

Hallgrim Hansegård from the Norwegian folk dance company Frikar has danced Halling since he was seven years old. Here he's at home with his children - a video giving you tips and inspiration for a dance session in your own living room. (English subtitles)

92435118 3020244911368993 8088424519410122752 N
Hallgrim Hansegård dancing at home with his kids. Get tips and inspiration!

10. Danse Domino

This moving game is pretty much like the Chinese Whispering Game, only with movements. Stack everyone in a line looking in the same direction - like in a queue. The person in the end of the line, makes up a movement, pricks the person in front of them on the shoulder and does the movement. That person does the same thing on the next person, repeating the movement they saw. What happens to the movement once it has passed through everybody in the line? Does it look the same?

11. Dancealike

Put on dance music and alternate being the center of the game. Shout out «Everybody dance like... mom/Karen/Sankara!» Whey you have played the game for some time, start dancing the way you imagine people or pets you all know would dance.

12. Dance Stop

One person will be the music controller. When the music plays everyone is dancing, once the music stops all the dancers stop immediately in a frozen position. If there are older children you can make a contest out of it. If someone makes a movement after the music has stopped, that person is out of the game. The music starts again, and the game continues until there is only one person left, and wins the game. If you want you can start again.

13. Tour de Dance

Put on music on a portable devise, and dance your way through the house. All rooms can be danced in! Can you fit everyone in the bathroom? Can you dance in the attic? What makes the toilet dance different from the kitchen dance?

14. The Stick Game

Tititorea is a stick game made to develop hand-eve-coordination. Learn the game from this video from Polynesian Art Center's Maori Village.

15. Mini Picasso

Imagine holding a paint brush in your hand. Stand up on two legs and imagine painting all the items you can see around you. Imagine drawing the contures, shapes and lines. Then colorize and draw shadows.

Look at how the brush moves in your hand. How graceful can you move? Try to move not so gracefully.

How can you move to paint the whole living room? Perhaps you can lie down on the floor to paint, or paint with two brushes at the same time? Have fun and play around with it!

Ida Haugen

Many thinks to the several contributors for this collection of activites! Dansens Hus can't wait to see you all again!

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