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Beyond Expectations

A conversation with Chriz, Marika and Viktor behind the work-in-progress project Point of Departure

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So, the title of your work Point of Departure kind of wants me to ask what are the possible points of departure right now?

We have met each other through street dance. During the past year, we have been meeting in different Nordic cities (Oslo, Valdres, Malmö, Gothenburg and Helsinki) where we work from flat hierarchy in a laboratory atmosphere. Each time has been different and interesting because we are always dealing with the prosses from a different point in our lives and a different point than the last time. The negotiation and communication of finding a common point of departure is always present. Disagreements bring us closer to common points. In the process we have really felt the need to work from and with enjoyment, to leave self-criticism out.

What is your main interest and desires at the moment, alone and together?

Viktor: To take time and listen to what there is. Letting this develop whatever it is. Letting the process be the performance not opposite.

Marika: I am interested in finding a way of working that is ecological and sustainable in a way, a process that has consistency in many layers of working: personal health, group dynamics, more consistent ways of being around a theme in example (as contrast for the culture of fast and short processes, just touching a surface of a theme etc.) and finding and listening what the theme and the process needs, finding the right tools to approach a theme or whatever I/we want to work on.  

Chriz: To not let outside expectation dictate how we choose to work, represent or think about creating in general.

How did you meet and what was the background for this work/ collaboration?

We were brought together through a Nordic unity, a network created to unite the Nordic urban dance scene.

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If you should give each other a challenge and something you really value about the other, what would that be?


Challenge for Chriz would be to trust yourself in the process and the work, to trust the universe. What we value in her is her positive attitude and presence in life and work, this dedication to life. She is really kind and considerate. It shows in everything; it’s her flow. It’s so enjoyable to watch how comfortable she looks in her own skin when she dances. She is really this physical social being, she can turn every feeling to a physical outcome. She deals with life and stress with her concrete physical routines. This is something what we want to learn from. + for the hair and language skills!


Challenge to Marika would be to say yes more. We admire how she deals with a task (in dance/work/life), the dedication she has for it. She want’s to dig deep in to stuff. Integrity, how you do it with all of you. And that you wouldn’t do whatever. Your face lights up when you have an idea. Your dance and movement are so thorough, so fully completely involved. It’s like you turn yourself inside out when you dance. You also challenge us to express ourselves better both verbally and physically.

Viktor: I love her appetite in food! We really have a strong food connection!


Challenge for you is to trust your body in any type of a situation, your body knows, it can handle it. You could go even wilder with your “voice”, be rude, to not always be polite. Like going to a different state. I have already seen this happening, it is there in the prosses.

Viktor has a smoothness to his dance and in life, how he is smooth in his transitions. He is very good in listening what the situation needs, both in social and working life. He always brings party feeling in any situation, he is always down to party!

You are hard working. I admire the way you put your ego aside. You are humble in situations and this way more available. The way you trust yourself and the process creates an atmosphere that is easy to jump in to. Feels like you have my back, you have us covered.

How do you make decisions, one your own and together?    
Chriz: In my decision making it helps if I think that a choice is never definite. To know that if I don’t like the decision I can make a new/different one.

Marika: In dance I should stick to decisions a bit longer, to see where it will lead, the effect and outcome without judging it beforehand. We find our decision making behaviour really typical for our nationalities. We are a real life Fin-Swe-Nor joke!

Finnish: wanting to weigh all the possible options and to come up with the best decision, and then stick with it (if it appears to be total shit then deal with it)

Swedish: waits till the end and doesn’t make a decision until it’s necessary.

Norwegian: saying yes to all decisions and then not really making a choice.

What do you think about dance and choreography? Or said differently, what is facilitating your work?

Marika: Love for dance. But it doesn´t necessarily make it easier. But I can try and flip it around. What facilitates our project is the safe environment, free exploring zone we created for ourselves.

Viktor: When I find something of interest I investigate it in every way. Starting somewhere, do something with it and then reflect on it.

Chriz: I really enjoy social and spontaneous dance, I like honest physical reactions. I think that our common reference point from the social culture, hip hop and music scene etc. is facilitating our work.

Koreografilaboratoriet, 28.–29. april 2017

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