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About the performance - CROWD

67 Cwd Gisele Vienne Estelle Hanania
Foto: Estelle Hanania

Gisèle Vienne sees the theatre as a microcosmos where individual and collective feelings can be explored, providing us with a better understanding of each other. Like many of her previous works, Crowd delivers a painstaking dissection of the dark side within us and our need for violence. But rather than portraying violence as something unequivocally barbaric, she puts forth the notion that violence can hold positive qualities and capacities in society.

15 young dancers are brought together on stage, evoking rituals and celebrations from ancient times and up until the present. They dance in a state of collective euphoria on soil-covered ground, accompanied by Peter Rehberg's DJ set which combines the electronic beats of the 90s with a more intimate composition by the ground-breaking duo KTL(PeterRehberg and Stephen O’Malley).

These sounds have been stimulating our senses for the past thirty years. They have found their way from the underground into the mainstream and contribute to determining the relationship between our bodies and our movements. Vienne's choreography is inspired by the many different ways in which bodies are currently represented, but also by these musical influences. The short, intense, fitful movements – which continuously interrupt one another to go in different directions – show similarities with contemporary film editing and special effects. At the same time, you will discover the blissful and potentially liberating aspects of violence in all its forms. A tribute to Eros and Thanatos, Apollo and Dionysus, and a chance to enter into a physical and emotional rapport with the piece from a safe distance.

Crowd, 15.–16. mars 2019

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