Young Choreographers From China, 19. - 20. februar 2009

Young Choreographers From China,
19. - 20. februar 2009

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  • 19. februar - 23:00
  • 20. februar - 23:00

Kom og se dagens unge dans fra Beijing og Shanghai. 4 produksjoner av 4 unge koreografer gir et bilde av hva som opptar dagens dansekunstnere i verdens mest folkerike land.

Dansens Hus presenterer , i samarbeid med andre dansehus og europeiske danselagere en del av prosjektet chin-A moves, et ett-årig EU-støttet samabeid mellom dansehus, grupper og enkeltstående kunstnere i Europa og Kina.

chin-A-moves partnere er: The tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (hovedansvarlig) Dansens Hus Oslo (NO), Baasbank & Baggerman Amsterdam (NL), Borneoco (NL), Julidans Festival Amsterdam (NL), Mercat de les Flors Barcelona (ES), Living Dance Studio and Crossing Festival (Beijing), Fringe Festival (Shanghai).

Torsdag 19. februar klokken 19.00:

«WE YOU THEY» Tian Zhiming
Tian is a computer engineer who has started making dance performances. The basis for this performance is the very un-scientific research he performed on the similarities in the social structures of cockroaches and humans. Tians very warm and somewhat comic view on human social life, reveales some thruths through the comparison with some of our most loathed co-habitans in our societies.

«A DIALOGUE BETWEEN CONTINENTS», Yanan Wang og Alexandra Waierstall
The conception for the collaboration between choreographers Yanan Wang and Alexandra Waierstall took place in Beijing in April 2008 within the context of Chin-A-Moves.

With this challenging collaboration the two choreographers wish to create a performance dialogue based on questions that they will put to each other in the realm of three different levels. First, the virtual level based on their email exchange they will have and the questions they will raise to each other on a weekly basis starting from November 2008. This will be grounded on the everyday encounters of each of the choreographer’ s life and the physical explorations and narrative they will create in absence of the other in form of answers.

Second is the actual level, the one week where the two choreographers will meet in
Barcelona. Here the base is the shared time – space ground. The third and last level will be the real time performance level that will bring all experiences, questions, hysical actions, dances and everyday stories together in a form of a performance dialogue.

Fredag 20. februar klokken 19.00:

«Ma» is the first sound spoken by most babies in this world as they begin to mature from their first state of helplessness and begin to assert their new found physical power. Quickly they are faced with an overwhelming world of new sensations and an overload of previously unknown visual and audio input. As if by instinct babies utter mama perhaps as the first question, a first need for ex-planation reaching out to their mothers as they probe the new. This performance is not about mama, it’ s about the wanting to speak out this intuitive sound not with the voice but with the body to explore what kind of motion/emotion this might be by repeatedly trying to regenerate it and consequently releasing it like a runner bolting from the starting blocks...
Two people are playing. Each time they stops, new emotions and fantasies are created and subsequently incorporated into the exchange. The experience and energy released during the process are what cause the dancers to stop time and again before throwing themselves into the next part of the journey.

«I SPEAK» , He Yu Fan
"That was a spring-outing of Grade 2 in primary school. The teacher asked us to bring the food ourselves. My mum bought some sausages, prepared and put in a lunch box. Because she was afraid I had nowhere to heat up the lunch if I bring other kind of food. That time my family was very poor, I could barely eat meat. So, the sausages were like treasure for me that time" - slik starter Yu Fans forestilling som er delvis selvbiografisk, delvis basert på historien til en beryktet kinesisk massemorder.

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Billetpris: 220 + avg. (20,-)

OBS: Vi tilbyr en dobbeltbillett bestående av valgfri overnevnt dag og forestillingen "The left cheek" av Zue Niao som går på Hovedscenen både 19. og 20. februar klokken 21.00. Dobbeltbillett: kr 400,- (Må kjøpes over telefon eller i vår billettluke).