Brakkesnakk: Karen Schupp

Equity and inclusion in dance education, 23. april 2020

Equity and inclusion in dance education,
23. april 2020

Welcome to a lecture workshop with Karen Schupp on Brakkesnakk.

  • Varighet60 min
  • SceneHovedscenen


  • 23. april - 15:30

The workshop is free but has a limited capacity of 15 participants.
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In the United States but also across the globe, tertiary dance education is currently at a crossroads, as programs grapple with how to best serve their students, local communities, and the professional field. The privileging of modern dance and ballet presented through a conservatory training model is being deeply questioned by some scholars, educators, and programs, creating an opportunity for needed changes to dance education. Only when the privileging of modern dance and ballet in higher education is acknowledged and challenged on institutional, programatic, and personal levels can tertiary dance education move towards aesthetic equity.

This lecture/workshop will examine and contextualize the desire and need for aesthetic equity in tertiary dance education. Building on the work of dance education scholars who have laid the theoretical and empirical groundwork for this shift towards a more inclusive approach to dance education, participants will begin to assess how their values or intentions of equity and inclusion relate to their practices. In this way, our time together will offer practical advice about how to approach true inclusivity.

ABOUT Karen Schupp:
Karen Schupp, MFA, is an associate professor of dance in and associate director of the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University. Her research interests include dance competition culture, dance curriculum and pedagogy in tertiary education, and equity across the spectrum of dance education. Her books include Studying Dance (author), Dance Education and Responsible Citizenship (editor), and Ethical Dilemmas in Dance Education (co-editor with Doug Risner). Professor Schupp is the co-editor in chief of the Journal of Dance Education. For more information, please visit