Thais Di Marco: The wake

This solo is a desperate attempt of returning devices to where they actually belong.

Foto: Yaniv Cohen

    Thais, also called Kaloyá, holds the title of Egbomy (bad translated to young shaman) in her traditional Candomblé community in Brazil. But Kaloyá is also the hipster Thais, an international contemporary dancer and director working in Europe with her productions. This solo is another extremely successful attempt of connecting worlds - at the end of the world - that can maybe possibly save our capitalism.

    Thais says about The wake:
    I’ve been hearing the term "we'' applied to a collective of peoples in various continents indiscriminately while feeling excluded from this collective. The "world" is a European invention from the XVI Century. I will call it Ayê (yorubá name for the Earth used by Candomblé people). "Humanity" is a term historically related to the development of European culture that has been showing itself very limited to guarantee equal rights while promoting itself as universal. I will instead use "peoples'', as it preserves some sense of difference. I find the idea that the Anthropocene was caused by "humanity" failed and unfair, as it was caused by specific people located in a specific cosmology through their ways of relating to the ayê. But capitalism is a suicidal permanent regime, and that's why it feels hard to explain that to far-right people as it is equal to explaining to someone that wants to jump from a bridge, that jumping out of a bridge might kill. That’s not how we are going to give hands.
    Message from the past of the future: It will be an endless agonizing process. Important: Inopiné- how to die in a not yet imagined way. Beyond all possibilities of speech unforeseen, extra nuance of irruption, emergence, rearrangement of the expected order of things. I need to think about the death of the dead. Meaning the death of ways of life that know how to communicate with the ancestors and with the voice of Gaya. The genocides put in danger, among other things, enchanted ways of life. But not only, also the cultural homogenisation promoted by neoliberalism and this stupid ideology called “careea”, an attempt to narrate the journey of being alive in a linear depressing story from the U.S.A. Contingency: a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. The Art market and the Anthropocene is like ecological capitalism. Artists are being used by national states to release a cheap budget of human rights that is NOT going to displaced people, but only for fancy buildings that we can’t actually use while making art because we believe in it. Again the idea of "we" being used indiscriminately. If I feel excluded, imagine others? I wonder where the word "transition" is coming from? Everything smells like Boris Johnson planning with Alok Sharma to save the planet.

    We are going to stay awake tonight and I hope you can come forth by day.


    Bio Thais Di Marco

    , 10. - 13. november 2022