Samme Raeymaekers fortsetter som kunstnerisk leder av Dansens Hus

Styret ved Dansens Hus besluttet i styremøtet den 7. mai 2021 å forlenge åremålet til kunstnerisk leder ved Dansens Hus, Samme Raeymaekers, med to nye år, fra 1. august 2022 - 31. juli 2024.

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The decision was made on the basis of the work he has done so far for Dansens Hus, including his work to improve knowledge about dance as an art form and the position of dance. The board also wishes to emphasise the focus he has had on inclusion and diversity, both artistic and in terms of audiences, as an important and positive direction for Dansens Hus. There has been an extensive and increasing outreach programme including lectures, seminars, introductions to productions and panel discussions, as well as new and additional partners, all of which forms part of a long-term strategy to reach out to an even bigger and more diverse audience. During his term, he has also focused on helping young dance artists to develop their artistry.

The coronavirus restrictions have greatly impeded his visions for Dansens Hus, and the board feels that it is important that he gets the opportunity to fully implement his strategy and ideas for the programme. Visions and strategies for Dansens Hus for the next fixed term period were also presented to the board at the board meeting of 7 May.

Samme Raeymaekers has been the artistic director of Dansens Hus since 1 August 2018, and is currently in his first fixed term period. It is at his own request that the term was only extended by two years.

- The entire board and the Norwegian artistic community have benefited from Samme’s contribution to Dansens Hus. We are proud and pleased to extend his appointment term for another two years, says Thomas F. Anglero, chairman of the board of Dansens Hus.

- I’m honoured and happy with the boards' decision. With our dedicated and hard-working Dansens Hus team, I want to continue building on what we started in my first term. Together we will consolidate the 'Moving Art, Moving People' vision that will strengthen and intensify the future of Europe's most beautiful and vibrant Dance House. While being alert, attentive, and open to new accents we will embrace the unexpected and keep moving. Art in post-crisis-time is more important than ever. We will develop Dansens Hus towards an even more active and important beacon in society, says Samme Raeymaekers, artistic director Dansens Hus.

- Styret og det norske kunstmiljøet har dratt nytte av Samme sitt bidrag til Dansens Hus. Vi gleder oss stolt til å forlenge ansettelsesperioden i to år til

Thomas F. Anglero, styreleder i Dansens Hus

- Styret og det norske kunstmiljøet har dratt nytte av Samme sitt bidrag til Dansens Hus. Vi gleder oss stolt til å forlenge ansettelsesperioden i to år til, sier Thomas F. Anglero, styreleder i Dansens Hus.

- Jeg er beæret og glad for styrets beslutning. Jeg gleder meg virkelig til å fortsette samarbeidet med den engasjerte og hardtarbeidende staben på Dansens Hus, og til å videreføre arbeidet vi har startet på. Sammen skal vi realisere vår visjon «Bevege kunst, bevege mennesker», og styrke og videreutvikle Europas vakreste og mest levende dansescene. Ved å være våkne, observante og åpne for nye stemmer skal vi omfavne det uventede og være i stadig bevegelse. Kunsten er viktigere enn noensinne i disse post-krisetider, og vi skal utvikle Dansens Hus til å bli en enda mer aktiv og viktig spydspiss i samfunnet, sier Samme Raeymaekers, kunstnerisk og daglig leder ved Dansens Hus