Filiz Sızanlı : Like a rolling stone

Which part of the body ages first? Our heart, our eyes… Is there a sequence for this?

Foto: Arne Hauge

    How a society builds the body, how a sense of community is formed in the body, how the community balances its rhythm and how this rhythm reflects on the body.

    I couldn't stand where I stood, now I forgot to walk.
    We used to give things we made ourselves.
    The trees are coming into my body. They come into my breath.
    If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself?
    Respect your body, live fearlessly, live without an apartment.
    - From the participants in the community part of the score

    Like a rolling stone
    focuses on the choreographic echoes of aging. In the participatory part of “How to. A score” Sızanlı came together with non-dancers age 65+ exploring creative ways of moving and caring collectively. Over time, this community embodied the transformation of the self, body, and voice - how it can take space even at the stage of life that is shaped by the apprehension towards death and limited by its futurelessness. She explores novel patterns such as “control without control” and “compressed and oppressed potentials” in the aging body.


    Bio Filiz Sizanli

    , 10. - 13. november 2022