A True Story, 07. - 10. September 2023

A True Story,
07. - 10. September 2023

On transgender childhood, transgender parenthood and family relationships.

  • Duration90 min
  • Price360
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 07. September - 17:00
  • 07. September - 20:00
  • 08. September - 17:00
  • 08. September - 20:00
  • 09. September - 15:00
  • 09. September - 18:00
  • 10. September - 15:00
  • 10. September - 18:00 (Sold out)

The production A True Story by the company 71BODIES is inspired, based and performed by transgender kids, teenagers and transgender adults along with their  chosen  family members.

- As trans people, we cannot transition alone. We need the entire society to make the effort to transition with us. Then we need to hear and reflect on all sides of the story. It's not just about the trans person, but about how the family experiences the changes and treatment that their child, parent, partner or friend goes through, says Daniel Mariblanca about the production.

The performance is a multidisciplinary  project with an artistic focus on dance, live music, visual art and performance, and the work will also become a book.

A True Story is directed and choreographed by 71BODIES' founder, Daniel Mariblanca, in collaboration with several national and international artists. The transgender inclusive dance and performance company works with and in communities where the body is at the centre of the discussion.

The performance includes children and is kid-friendly, but the content is apprehensible for adults. There is no age limitation. The protagonists range in age from 8 to 85. The venue is universally designed with accessibility for wheelchair users. The performance is universally designed. Sign language and visual Interpretation are a part of this wheelchair accessible event.

Performances Friday 8th of September at 17.00 is sign language interpreted. The performance Saturday 9th of Septmember at 18.00 is visual and sign interpreted .

The performance Sunday 10th at 15.00 is a relaxed performance. This means that the performance is open for high sensible audiences in different ways, those who may need to move during the performance time and those who might like to leave and perhaps also re-enter.

Background material


  • Choreographer, artistic vision

    Daniel Mariblanca

  • Light designer

    Thomas Bruvik

  • Composer

    Per Platou

  • Sound technician

    Andreas Lassen

  • Producer


  • Adult protagonists

    Daniel Mariblanca
    Iben Mansfeld
    Koyote Millar
    Stein Wolff Frydenlund

  • Youth protagonists

    Ángel Santano Valcárcel
    Domènech Martín Navarro
    Jesse Robleño García

  • Child protagonists

    Alejandro Garrido Rodríguez
    Lara Gil Bóveda

  • Supporting family protagonists

    María José Rodríguez Garrido
    Saida García Casuso
    Ninian Millar
    Eiril Stenberg
    Rita Martin Navarro
    Nahikare Bóveda González
    Patricia Mariblanca Fuentes

  • Visual cooperator Visuell samarbeidspartner

    Karoline Bakken Lund

  • Dramaturgical assistance

    Ingeleiv Berstad

  • Illustrations The Magical Book of A True Story

    Claudia De Sessa

  • Photo

    Ursula Kaufmann/Thor Brødreskift/Karin Jonkers

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