Koreografilaboratoriet 2024, 14. - 16. May

Koreografilaboratoriet 2024,
14. - 16. May

Enjoy the most up-to-date Norwegian dance.

  • Duration80 min
  • Price180
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

Out of a total of 55 applications, 3 projects have been selected for the Choreography Laboratory 2024. In making its selection, the jury chose to focus on the project’s choreographic skills and its potential for performance and physical exploration. Their aim is to foster an artistic laboratory which not only provides an opportunity for physical and choreographic exploration, but also allows the artists to explore the technical potential of the theatre in relation to the project’s choreographic concept. Members of the jury were choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen, dance artist Rina Rosenquist and dance artist Jonas Øren.

Oliver Paulsson, Lou Ditaranto/Kristoffer Lislegaard and Jonathan Ibsen/Bjørk Mynte Paulse are the artists that you will be able to experience during the Choreography Laboratory 2024.

Smoke is used on stage. 

Bidragsytere fra Dansens Hus:
Light: Yasin Gyltepe
Sound: Stein David Baastad
Mentoring: Jonas Øren
Project Manager: Jo Even Bjørke
Photo. Tale Hendnes 

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