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I work with the potential that I might be a DOG, 12. - 15. December

I work with the potential that I might be a DOG,
12. - 15. December

Close and personal about ADHD.

These days, it seems we have become more easily distractible, like children bubbling with infant, wild-like tendencies. At the same time, we are expected to exert more self-control over these “natural” behaviors, making some of us feel like ‘animals in a cage’.

 The Dog was domesticated about thirty thousand years ago and its wild behavior was kept in check by its human masters. Feeling like an ‘animal in a cage’ is also how Yaniv would describe the social pressures that are there to tame his natural enthusiasm and hyperactivity. Owning the feeling that he might be a domesticated dog is a more liberating way of exploring his own hyper tendencies and potentials within the existing power structures of art, culture and society. 


  • Choreographer and performer

    Yaniv Cohen

  • Dramaturg and screenwriter

    Asher Lev

  • Composer

    Arvid Ingvarsson

  • Set designer

    Carl Nilssen-Love

  • Lighting designer

    Martin Myrvold

  • Costume designer

    Eyrun Müller

  • Producer

    Madeleine Fairminer

  • Photo

    Antero Hein

Co-producers: Dansens Hus, DansiT, Kloden teater, Rosendal teater
Supported by: Kulturrådet