X10..., 15. - 16. June

15. - 16. June

  • Price290
  • StageStudio stage

Navigating the boundaries between vulnerability and resilience, adapting and giving in, X10... delves into these dichotomies, offering a contemplative exploration of the delicate balance between survival and oblivion. The stage becomes a microcosm of the human experience, where every step echoes with the weight of consequence.

Set against the backdrop of displacement, it follows the journey of a being navigating a new society and learning its codes. With three bodies and wooden blocks on stage, the narrative unfolds through different acts: Displacement, Decision making, Factory Works,Playground Games, and Human Interactions.

Through anchored hip-hop and contemporary body language, as well as a strong sense of storytelling supported by the physical craft of the three dancers, choreographer Jean-Baptiste Baele aims to spotlight humanity's toxic impact on the environment and its consequences for all living beings. The piece underscores the urgency of addressing environmental challenges such as climate change, pollution, and deforestation.

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  • Koreografi

    Jean-Baptiste Baele

  • Dansere

    Claudio Fernandez
    Sindre Sten Eriksson Vik
    Jean-Baptiste Baele

  • Musikk / komponist

    Even Sefenias Sigurdsen Frodesønn Røstad

  • Scenografi

    Jean-Baptiste Baele
    Rehab Sør

  • Lys/ manager

    Andreea Lixandrica

  • Samarbeidspartner

    Nicolai Abraham Lopez

  • Foto

    Saona Puth

Støttet av Kulturrådet, Scenekunst Sør, Cultiva Ekspress