Quiet Works Vakt 2016


vakt/2016, 27. - 30. October 2016

27. - 30. October 2016

Six dancers from Slovakia, Estonia and Norway have assisted Karen Foss with her most recent production ‘vakt/2016’, which will have its world première at Dansens Hus.

  • PriceNOK 175 - 290
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 27. October - 19:00
  • 28. October - 19:00
  • 29. October - 19:00
  • 30. October - 19:00

She has worked with the dancers to bring the distinctive beauty of her dance into a new landscape. In the space between sound and movement, vakt/2016 is a narrative formed of a series of tangible events and their associations with the signals around us such as landslides, caresses, concentration, ebb and flow, and sudden jerks, ruptures and shifts. Close by are solutions, logics and opinions without words or the explanations of language; the most important thing here is intuition, the ability to give way and absorb things... The most astounding realisations can be found in silence... The intensity of the moment is not surreal here. Together. Look out, be careful, pay attention, be open, quiet now, wait. Don’t go. Sometimes things can begin just by sitting down and allowing a movement to happen. 

The production is created in an interplay between music, sound, dance and movement, in which the public and the artists are listening, in the same space. They share the situation. The composer Jostein Stalheim’s music will create a core of sound in the production, and this is presented by a shifting and restlessly curious dynamic. One musician is in centre stage, playing music that is at times improvised and at times planned and synchronised with the composition playing over the sound system. The dance unfolds close to the audience, with a background of wind that is noticeable but not necessarily audible. 

- I believe that there are times and moments when we should stop talking and start listening. We may be struck by a shared willingness to listen, as if we are all holding our breath, we perceive, we sense. Something happens, something will happen. Like a kind of search for what is coming, for what applies to us all. This may resemble an ancient ritual, and become a modern practice. It’s as if we, the people of the world, have now arrived at this moment where we have to choose. We need to make a change.
Karen Foss


I believe that there are times and moments when we should stop talking and start listening.

Karen Foss


  • Dancers

    Kenneth Flak (NO)
    Isabell B. Johansen (NO)
    Martina Hajdyla Lacova (SVK)
    Kristine Parsons (NO)
    Daniel Raček (SVK)
    Külli Roosna (EST)

  • Musician

    Amalie Stalheim, cello

  • Lighting design and technical production

    Gard Gitlestad

  • Film production/documentation

    Vibeke Heide

  • Foto/dokumentasjon

    Stein Jarle Nilsen

  • Staging, technical production

    Susanne Fjørtoft

  • Composer/technical production

    Jostein Stalheim

  • Producer

    Camilla Svingen

  • Photo

    Kenya Parsons