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V, 14.–16. September 2018

14.–16. September 2018

Spilles: Fri 14. Sep 2018 Sat 15. Sep Sun 16. Sep

- a performance for 5 dansers and 3 percussionists

Lise Nordal has been writing her pioneering work into Norwegian dance history since 1974, when she was one of the founder members of the Collage Dance Company, and until recently in her era as artistic director of the CODA festival.

Now she is celebrating her 40th anniversary as a choreographer with the production V, confirming her position not only as a pioneer, but also has one of the very few active choreographers of her generation. Her work as one of the most prominent pioneering women in post modern dance in Norway has helped to redefine dance as an interdisciplinary art form in Norway. The poetry in the fluidly pure movements and the rigorous yet playful structure of the choreography typify Lise Nordal’s language and love of movement. Combining intellectualism and sensuality, she composes her dance as a musical work in itself, linked to the organic laws of nature. The music is a new piece, and once again she has worked with the composer and percussionist Kjell Samkopf.

V is based on numerology, an ancient occult science about the magical powers and strength of numbers. Numerology is based on the old Hebrew alphabet, in which every letter is also a number. The production is split into four sequences: the Circle, the Triangle, the Square and the Pentagram, and is based on the numbers 1 2 3 4 5, with the Pentagram or five-pointed star – the number 5 – being the main symbol. The five-pointed star represents the five elements: four physical – fire, earth, air and water – and one spiritual – the fifth element.

Number sequences derived from the names and dates of birth of the dancers and musicians have played a key role in the design of the dance and the music. Another element which the composer has used in the work is a concept known as Erratum Musical, inspired by Marcel Duchamp. The music has been written for three vibraphones, with the composer making use of random numbers between 1 and 37 drawn by the dancers and musicians (a vibraphone has 37 notes). He used these sequences of 37 numbers in different ways, some audible and some structural.


Choreography and direction:
Lise Nordal
Kjell Samkopf
Assistant director:
Pernille Bønkan
Dancers and co-creators:
Pernille Bønkan
Ingvild Krogstad
Trine Lise Moe
Caroline Skjørshammer
Else Margrete Sveinsson
Kjell Samkopf
Jennifer Torrence
Rob Waring
Light and stage design:
Petter Steen
Kristin Skagen
Morten Pettersen
Technical assistance:
Technical director:
Stefan Dombek
Light technician:
Daniel Kolstad Gimle
Cathe Sjøblom
NorDans 2018
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