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TORDRE, 17.–18. October 2019

17.–18. October 2019

Spilles: Thu 17. Oct 2019 Fri 18. Oct

Two captivating self portraits.

Two of Ouramdane’s longtime collaborators — Lora Juodkaite and Annie Hanauer — perform lonely solos in a haunting duet. Intensely physical performances of hypnotic, whirling gestures foreground the specificity of each woman’s body as she paints a raw, captivating self-portrait. Compelling in its repetition, Ouramdane’s choreography pushes the performers to find the gesture that makes them who they are.

- All my works testify to a capacity in each of us to overcome difficulties, to fight against what imprisons us, to transform reality rather than suffer from it.
Rachid Ouramdane

Rachid Ouramdane has been creating works of choreography since 1995. He has collaborated with the Lyon Opera Ballet, the Russian dance company Migrazia and with Candoco Dance Company. Ouramdane founded L’A. dance company in 2007. His body of work is inspired by his studies of diverse subject matter and is often developed in collaboration with filmmakers or authors. Ouramdane strives to create art that contributes to ongoing social debates and evokes the poetics of testimony. Since 2016, Ouramdane is co-director of CCN2 – Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble.

The performance is part of CODA International Dance Festival.

Tordre is a fascinating dance piece… From the sweet childish rounds to the dervish’s whirls, Rachid Ouramdane’s dancers take us on a haunting voyage.

Télérama, Emmanuelle Bouchez


Concept and choreography:
Rachid Ouramdane
Annie Hanauer
Lora Juodkaite
Stéphane Graillot
Sylvain Giraudeau
Patrick Imbert
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