The Basement, 29. August - 01. September

The Basement,
29. August - 01. September

Freedom, reality and fiction.

The Basement is a fictional space based on true events, where the audience is invited into a journey full of feelings and emotions difficult to describe in words. Ungraspable yet felt with intensity. Making visible the invisible.

This solo work by and with Daniel Mariblanca explores the multiple realities and fictions that arise from the dynamics expressed when power relationships are morphed. It is intuition led; allowing the body to speak through physical expression and freedom. The practice of freedom is personal and artistic, and requires labor, courage and urgency to expand beyond imposed limits of acceptability, legitimacy or beauty. 

Touch tour
01.09. at 16.30 we invite you to a touch tour that takes about 20 minutes. A "touch tour" is a guided experience in the performance space where scenography, costumes or other key elements are presented in a tactile and descriptive way.

Visual interpretation
The performance 01.09. at 17.30 will be visually interpreted. The entire performance will be interpreted live in English by visual interpreter Magnar Kvalvik from MediaLT. The audience must bring their own smartphone that can connect to the wireless network, and earplugs/headset that can be connected to the phone.

Background material


  • Choreographer and Performer

    Daniel Mariblanca

  • Scenographer

    Kjersti Alm Eriksen

  • Light Designer

    Thomas Bruvik

  • Sound Artist

    Lykorgous Poryfris

  • Filmmaker

    Ursula Kaufmann

  • Technician

    Andreas Lassen

  • External Eye

    Ingeleiv Berstad

  • External Eye

    Koyote Millar

  • Company and Tour Manager

    Davone Sirmans

  • Produced by


  • Foto

    Ursula Kaufmann

Supported by: Kulturrådet
Dansens Hus, Carte Blanche, Rosendal Teatre, Rotterdam Theatre, What You See Festival, BIT teatergarasjen

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