Still Life, 23. - 26. May

Still Life,
23. - 26. May

Extraordinary and mundane.

Most people can share Alan Lucien Øyen’s concern about our troubling digital age. Hence it is perhaps not so strange that he has taken an analogue approach to his new production Still Life. Visually, painted landscapes are striking scenic elements. The human voice is given an analogue focus through the contribution of local choirs at each performance venue. Lyrics create a bridge between the physical and the verbal, the external and the internal, the extraordinary and the mundane.

The two dancers, Daniel Proietto and Mirai Moriyama, are at the centre of the production. Both are remarkable performers who have moved a long way from their starting point of contemporary dance, in the quest for new physical expression. Moriyama is a Japanese dancer, actor and film star with a string of films and TV series behind him. Proietto is an experienced dancer who has been with winter guests for many years, and studied traditional, Japanese dance at the prestigious Fujima Dance School.

Butoh, a dance form which is one of the sources of inspiration for this production, is a tradition that can be traced back to the turbulent aftermath of the Second World War in Japan.

Background material

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  • Choreography

    Alan Lucien Øyen

  • Dancers

    Daniel Proietto
    Mirai Moriyama

  • Lyrics

    Andrew Wale

  • Scenography

    Aida Vaineri

Co-producers: Biennale di Venezia, Julidans/ITA - Amsterdam, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Dansens Hus Oslo
Supported by: Arts Council Norway