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Safarium, 12.–16. October 2016

12.–16. October 2016

Spilles: Wed 12. Oct 2016 Thu 13. Oct Fri 14. Oct Sat 15. Oct Sun 16. Oct

Safarium is both a production and a workshop, a laboratory and a safari. Children are invited to join three dancers to explore space and movement.

In the production, the public will get to experience power and sensitivity close up, through the dancers’ sensory exploration of the room and close embraces. In the workshop, the dancers and the space will work together to inspire the children to move in new ways. Safarium is performed in a tactile landscape shared by the dancers and children. Through the production and the different situations of the workshop, the landscape is transformed by the dancers, and eventually also by the audience. 

Safarium was produced as one of nine art projects under the INK2013 umbrella – an initiative encouraging qualitative art productions for and with children and young people with special needs, initiated by the Secretariat for the Cultural Backpack, with funding from SEANSE at Volda University College. As part of the process of developing the production, the company worked closely with reference groups from the Byskolen elementary school in Sandefjord, and Signo School and Centre of Expertise in Andebu. For the performances at Dansens Hus in Oslo, the production has been developed and modified for the 1–3 year age range, with children from the Støperiet kindergarten as a reference group. 

Since its premiere in 2014, Safarium has been performed at the Market for Performing Arts in Sandefjord, the Hjertnes cultural centre in Sandefjord, Oslo and Akershus University College, the Kortreist Dance Festival on Inderøy, the SAND festival in Kristiandsand, the Thy theatre in Thiested (Denmark), the Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education in Trondheim, the Multiplié dance festival in Trondheim, and the underUNGI festival in Reykjavik (Iceland). The production has also toured in the Cultural Backpack in Oslo and Vestfold. 


Landing v. Ina Coll Kjølmoen
og Venke Marie Sortland
Scenography concept:
Camilla Wexels Riser
Contributing artists:
Marianne Skjeldal
Sigrid Kopperdal
Ida Gudbrandsen
Venke Sortland
Loan Ha
INK2013 (Den Kulturelle Skolesekken and SEANSE)
Tom Øverlie
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