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Pulse, 29.–30. October 2016

29.–30. October 2016

Spilles: Sat 29. Oct 2016 Sun 30. Oct

Pulse is a rhythmic, supernatural and pulsating production with deep roots in the ritual movement techniques of Africa and the Caribbean. Vibrations of voodoo meet gestures from everyday Norwegian rituals.

Tabanka består i dag av 14 profesjonelle utøvere innen afrikanistiske bevegelsesuttrykk med utdannelse fra inn og utland, samt 4 trainees bestående av semiprofessjonelle utøvere i en profesjonaliseringsprosess. Utøverne har bakgrunn fra mer enn 15 nasjoner og 4 kontinenter.

The production makes fun of, challenges and shakes stereotypes. It dares to ask questions like: “What if colonialism happened in reverse”? 
Tabanka Ensemble is known for its soulful choreographies, undulating spines and pulsating rhythms. Its dark skinned performers do not accept the role of minorities, and instead take a natural and central role in their own stories, presented through dance. Tabanka is a unique company in the Norwegian context, and this will be their second visit to Dansens Hus. 

The gravity, joy, rhythm and dance in Pulse are as full of contrasts as life itself, and form an exciting basis for reflection and discussion. All of Tabanka’s performers are also trained youth workers, and their discussions with dark-skinned young people in Norway and the experiences of these young people have been incorporated into Pulse. The production is not just an insight into a new and exciting dance genre, but also a glimpse into a reality of which many people are unaware. 


Choreographer and artistic director:
Thomas Talawa Prestø
Main dancers and soloists:
Amie Mbye
Joel Ramires
Pearl Tawiah
Wolman Michelle Luciano
Ekperedima Clarice Okeke
Lacky Mahamed
Rena Onye
Victor Olivares Pedersen
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