Protagonist, 17.–19. February 2017

17.–19. February 2017

Spilles: Fri 17. Feb 2017 Sat 18. Feb Sun 19. Feb

Revolution, evolution and ELIAS, the Swedish music prodigy. Cullberg Ballet is back with a new choreography by Jefta van Dinther.

Jefta van Dinther has created a magnificent new work for Culberg Ballet, in which every one of the dancers in the ensemble gets to play a main role – hence the title. The music and lyrics are by ELIAS, a rising star in the Swedish musical firmament. He made a sensational breakthrough with the hit Revolution, which is also part of this production.

Protagonist is a contemplation on humanity. Songs of revolution and dances of evolution tell a tale about how people come together, interact and assume roles. Instinct, resistance and compulsion are testament to the battles fought by all of us. The community is created by the struggle to belong, and by our mutual search for meaning and conviction. Protagonist is a portrayal of solidarity, care and connections, of isolation, control and alienation. 

Jefta van Dinther’s works are characterised by a clear physical impact, and are almost always presented as an exploration of movement. The body is the core of the production, and interacts with light, sound and a range of materials to form a whole. Protectionist is Jefta van Dinther’s second work for Cullberg Ballet. The first work, Plateau Effect, was performed at Dansens Hus in March 2014.

- obehagligt och befriande. Personligt och allmengiltig


Jefta van Dinther
Created with:
Adam Schütt, Anand Bolder, Camille Prieux, Daniel Sjökvist, Eleanor Campbell, Eszter Czédulás, Eva Mohn, Sylvie Gehln Karlsson, Jac Carlsson, Katie Jacobson, Linda Adami (gjest),
Samuel Draper, Unn Faleide, Vincent Van der Plas
Music and sound design:
David Kiers
Lighting design:
Minna Tiikkainen
Set design:
Costume assistant:
Marita Tjärnström
Jefta van Dinther
Assistant coreographer:
Thiago Granato
Rehersal director:
Thomas Zamolo
Additional original compositions:
Revolution, Elias Sahlin, SONY/ATV Music Publishing, Joel Sjöö, EMI Music Publishing, Andreas Söderlund, Songs for Wife AB/BMG Rights Management (Scandinavia) AB , utgitt av Warner Music Sweden AB Inseparable, Elias Sahlin, SONY/ATV Music Publishing, Frederick Wennborg, copyright control, utgitt av Warner Music Sweden AB Says, Nils Frahm, Manners McDade Music Publishing, med tillatelse av Erased Tapes Records.
Urban Jörén
Photo promopicture:
Nina Andersson
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