Origami, 14.–16. September 2017

14.–16. September 2017

Spilles: Thu 14. Sep 2017 Fri 15. Sep Sat 16. Sep

A container folding up, and a body moving.

Inspired by ancestral Japanese origami techniques, Origami turns a 40 foot container into a shifting performance space. Satchie Noro slowly evolves on the mechanical structure as it folds up from triangle to square and rectangle. Origami is a duet between a machine and a dancer, an industrial romance in which a symbol of globalisation, a container, embraces the fragile scale of the human body.
Satchie Noro and Silvain Ohl connect dance, moving architecture and landscape through a stunningly visual and deeply poetic experience.

The performance will be played outside Oslo Central Station. Free admittion.


Project, concept:
Satchie Noro
Silvain Ohl
Silvain Ohl
Eric Noël
Satchie Noro
Original music:
Fred Costa with the voice of Maia Barouh
Lighting and stage managing:
Thierry Arlot
Karine De Barbarin
Laurent Philippe
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