Underveis, 18. - 23. November 2023

18. - 23. November 2023

Visual, dancing and energetic theatre.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price100
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 18. November - 15:00
  • 18. November - 18:00
  • 19. November - 15:00
  • 22. November - 18:00
  • 23. November - 18:00

Some people feel at home wherever they are. Others spend their whole life looking, wandering hither and thither, longing for a place to put down roots and eventually come home to. But what exactly is home? Underveis/On the road (De passant) is visual, dancing and energetic theatre. A show as a score consisting of individual notes, which gradually harmonize with each other and in the end become music. Underveis/On the road (De passant) is a wordless performance by director Michai Geyzen. Michai has also made Über-ich (2014) and Light/house (Vuur/toren, 2022) with Laika, always in his own unique and moving theatrical language. Michai will be part of the permanent artistic team of Laika from 2023 onwards

Suitable for everyone aged 6 and over.

Background material


  • Concept and director

    Michai Geyzen

  • Cast

    Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert
    Máté Mészáros
    Elias Vandenbroucke
    Patrick Vervueren

  • Music

    Ephraïm Cielen

  • Costumes

    Vick Verachtert

  • Set

    Stef Stessel

  • Light

    Pieter Smet

  • Dramaturgy

    Mieke Versyp

  • Technicians

    Thomas Stevens
    Rik Van Gysegem

  • Photo

    Karolina Maruszak

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