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Nobody's Dance

Nobody's Dance, 07. - 11. December 2016

Nobody's Dance,
07. - 11. December 2016

This is an invitation for all dancers ready to share dances and practices with other movers to attend Nobody´s Business doing Nobody´s Dance.

  • PriceGratis
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 07. December - 11:00
  • 08. December - 11:00
  • 09. December - 11:00
  • 10. December - 11:00
  • 11. December - 11:00

Time an place: 7th – 11th of December 2016 at Dansens Hus,  Oslo.

Nobody´s business is an initiative for a local and international exchange of practices and methods in the performing arts. The ambition is to facilitate non-exclusive and collective production- and distribution of knowledge through shared practice and its documentation.

Nobody´s Business doing Nobody's Dance will be held in Oslo, Norway at Dansens Hus from the 7th – 11th of December 2016 from 11 – 17 o clock each day.  
The last hour every day will be open for watchers.

All dancers are welcome to participate, this is an open platform for sharing dances and practices you made, have learnt from others, want to learn or want to do again and again. We care about where things come from, but we think of dance and dances as nobody´s, activated through being done and practiced between us.

There are two options for how to participate. Either you sign up for the whole week and commit to be there full time You will then be a part of the group as a co-researcher who proposes a structure for the day, and commit to contribute to the exchange of and documentation of practices. If you can´t make it every day, you could also just show up a day or four. Just remember its only possible to attend full days. Since Nobody´s Dance is an international initiative happening in different locations worldwide we will  have English as our working language so we through that can contribute to a shared documentation. We will of course help each other with things we need to translate and so on.

The work could be seen as a possible continuation of the ”Fridans” classes held by Grenne and Holte at PRODA every week this spring. We are happy that Dansens Hus has given us a stage to continue dancing and proposing dances together and will host this particular research and the first Nobody's Dance in Norway. 


  • Initiativtakere

    Eleanor Bauer og Ellen Söderhult

  • Norske organisatorer

    Rannei Grenne og Solveig Styve Holte