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Koreografilaboratoriet, 23.–25. May

23.–25. May

Spilles: Wed 23. May Thu 24. May Fri 25. May

The Choreography Laboratorium offers a unique possibility to get to know young emerging Norwegian dance artists. Five choreographers are presented this year.

The chosen artists are:
Inés Belli with Postmodern cool
Karen Lynne Bjerknesli/Aslak Aune Nygård with I am a hermaphrodite
Ida Frømyr Borgen with Tender face/headless body
Mina Weider with XX
Deep Down Dopeizm with Untitled

The jury’s selection process focused on quality and variation in form, expression and willingness to take risks. The jury said that they have chosen works which have managed to materialise an original idea into a distinctive artistic expression. The jury explains here why they have chosen these works:

Inés Belli
Postmodern cool is a systematic, consistent project which surprises and inspires through a delicate use of time and timing. The work is a tribute, simultaneously a deconstruction and reconstruction of trad-jazz, and inspired by post-modernism’s break with form, convention and expectation.

Karen Lynne Bjerknesli and Aslak Aune Nygård
The duet I am a hermaphrodite is a distinctive and poetic work with a fastidious, subtle approach to time and movement, and a surprising relationship between posture and progress. The artists respond to a comprehensive human register which challenges our perceptions of body, gender and sexuality.

Ida Frømyr Borgen
The solo Tender face/headless body is a stylistic work in which the body, movements and visual material come together to form a bigger choreographic whole. The solo works with a playful approach to perception, by juxtaposing recognisable elements with elements that appear to be distorted.

Mina Weider
The artist demonstrates a strong ability to materialise and switch between multiple simultaneous physical projects, music, sound, objects, costume and scenography, while gradually creating a clear composition. In XX, the artist aims to convey a fragmentary exploration of dance, objects and costumes, and materialise these in an episodic form.                                                            

dEEp doWN dopEiZM
dEEp doWN dopEiZM is an experienced and established group which demonstrates a huge potential for developing its own dramatic expression. They want to take risks by challenging and developing the urbane tradition of which they are a part. In this work, the group is trying to develop new choreographic methods, work in a smaller format and experiment with the dramatic expression and relationship with the audience.

 The jury was made up of the dance artists Janne-Camilla Lyster , Øyvind Jørgensen and Solveig Styve Holte.

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