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Likes, 15.–16. September 2018

15.–16. September 2018

Spilles: Sat 15. Sep 2018 Sun 16. Sep

Likes bases itself on the analysis of two of the most popular Youtube phenomena: cover dance and tutorials and videos on the different techniques of yoga.

The artist approaches the audience from a socio-anthropological perspective with a speech about the social value of a “like” in our digital societies.

Dance choreographies made on songs from pop stars acumulates milions of viewers, likes and shares. The dance choreographies are created specifically by some individuals for its appropriation and re-performance, so milions of people covers and re-post in social media their personal interpretation of the dances through this very popular phenomenon in internet called: Cover Dance. The phenomenon started in South Korea influenced by K-pop music, dance and visuals. LIKES takes as a physical material base some of this highly liked dances in social media as well as another phenomenon also very popular on the internet: Yoga. Internet has facilitated the emergence of new hybrid forms of yoga such as: Yogalates, yogavoga, yogadance, yogabeer, yogagoat, yoganude, yogarave…

The likes are a virtual tool used by most of the people nowadays and especially by new generations through the social network. There might be several reasons why one would like to get or give likes in internet. For some, the likes, are a powerful tool to express empathy and support to a certain content or person. For others, the likes opens a new dimension related to prestige and economy. Since there are many companies and coorporations which are taking use of the likes (buying and selling) for economical purposes (to scale withina very competitive and hierarchical global market) the likes are taking a new dimension as a tradable symbol of social prestige.

Which place takes the body, the shape, the appearance, the image of the body so many times exposed through social media, in relation to the likes? Which place are taking the likes, as new symbols of social prestige, in relation to its commercialization and indirectly maybe with the commercialization of the body and its image through interent?

When we talk about likes, are we talking just about pressing a button on the internet? Or we are also talking about the way we look, we read and understand the other?

- Núria is a beast that catches your gaze

Clàudia Brufau, Núvol

- she expresses with her body all this other content: reflection or thesis that finally frees dance from words

Jordi Sora, Escena de la memòria


Direction, choreography and performer:
Artistic assistance:
Esther Freixa
Sónia Gómez
Costumes adviser:
Nestor Reina
Photo and video:
Alice Brazzit
Light design and music:
Núria Guiu Sagarra
William Basinski
Mike Posner
Ed Sheeran)
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