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Mirjam Sögner

Lara, 10. - 11. September 2016

10. - 11. September 2016

The movement patterns of early heroes from the fascinating world of computer games form Mirjam Sögner’s main concept for LARA.

  • Duration30 min
  • PriceNOK 130
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 10. September - 18:00
  • 11. September - 18:00

What happens to the body’s movement patterns when the unnatural qualities of the digital world creep into our real world? How can digital and physical realities come together, and what kind of more or less tangible physical changes take place when we interact with the pseudo-realistic digital world? Mirjam Sögner transfers many of the unnatural qualities of a computer game landscape to her own body, creating a strange and fascinating hybrid of something otherworldly. In many ways, the production is a physical response to a world in which that which is digital and that which is solid and physical are becoming less and less separate.

Sögner uses data visuals from the start of the millennium alongside more modern images, using the contrast between the early, highly-pixelated versions of computer games and today’s more advanced universes to illustrate how these have developed into more multifaceted, but still incomplete images of actual human beings. Almost unnoticeable weaknesses in movements in the digital world, such as stiff and unrhythmic facial expressions and inorganic body movements break the fragile imitation of a kind of reality, creating an alienating and bizarre atmosphere. In Lara, these unnatural qualities of movement and ‘mistakes’ are retranslated back into a physical, living body. It becomes a kind of double transfer, or a fascinating imitation of an imitation, which creates a real and physical body, apparently trapped in the digital reality.

The production is presented with the assistance of Aerowaves, a network for the promotion of new, European dance art. On the same evening, you can also take in the productions of Staying Alive by and with Jasna L Vinovrski from Croatia, and Elvedon Christos Papadopoulos from Greece.

Ved denne rekonstruksjonen av en etteraping av menneskelig bevegelse oppsto en helt ny måte å være til stede på.


  • Concept/choreography


  • Lighting and costumes

    Mirjam Sögner

  • Performed by

    Mirjam Sögner

  • Music

    Andreas Völk

  • Supported by

    STARTStipendium des BKA Österreich
    Theater Haus Berlin Mitte.

Wheelchair users are kindly asked to notify the box office before arrival.