Ludvig Daae

Landscape, 24. - 26. September 2021

24. - 26. September 2021

A varied landscape of dancers.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price155 - 320
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 24. September - 19:00
  • 25. September - 19:00
  • 26. September - 19:00

In Landscape , four dancers encounter the unpredictable and changing world in which we all find ourselves at the moment. Together with Ludvig Daae, they bring together their experiences and see where these experiences overlap, and how they differ from each other. The members of the group learn from and are influenced by each other, and allow their work to develop until they have created a common landscape in which they can visit each other in their respective worlds. Landscape shows that we are all completely separate, unique and complex – yet still part of the same vast community.

Ludvig Daae is a dancer and choreographer. In 2017, he choreographed for Cullberg at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm City Hall. He has also created productions for the Royal Swedish Ballet School, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Ravnedans. Dansens Hus presented his Dance To Dance To in 2018. His latest commissioned work was for the Swedish dance company Norrdans, and premièred in February 2020.

The four dancers in Landscape each have different backgrounds, in terms of both culture and dance technique: African dance, street dance, contemporary dance and ballet. Their unique experiences both differ from and overlap each other. Rather than curating a bouquet of different dance techniques, the production seeks to explore and demonstrate how different disciplines handle body, performance, semantics and aesthetics. Landscape thereby highlights the craftsmanship, history and experience that each of us carries in our body. The production had its world première at Dansens Hus in Stockholm in June 2021.

Background material


  • Choreographer

    Ludvig Daae

  • Dancers

    Marcus Baldemar
    Amie Mbye
    Morgane Nicol
    Rina Rosenqvist

  • Producer

    Sara Bergsmark

  • Costume designer

    Tove Berglund

  • Composer

    William Rickman

  • Set designer and light designer

    Chrisander Brun

  • Technician

    Björn Kuajara

  • Photo

    Chrisander Brun

Co-producer: Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Svensk Kulturråd.