Koreografi - laboratoriet 2022

24. - 28. May

24. - 28. May


  • Lisa Colette Bysheim/Katrine Patry: Blue Carousel

    Blue Carousel explores power structures and portrayals of the seductive body, based on humour and the mating dance of birds.

  • Anna Benedicte Andresen/Iannes Bruylant: An existential duet

    This is an attemptt to solve existenial problems by dance, weaving together in a playful manner text and movement.

  • Tormod Midtbø: Monstrosities

    The contemporary desire to categorise and oppress will be challenged in Monstrosities. It embraces that which is inappropriate and ambiguous, turns it into something physical, and showcases it.

  • Huyen Huynh: Embrya

    In Embrya, Huyen Huynh works to weave together material from earlier works into a personal solo about origin and identity, about the life of a mother and the dark sea.

Amongst this years applicants to koreografilaboratoriet the jury has chosen four projects that will be exposed for an audience from May 24th to 28th atDdansens Hus. This years jury consist of Magnus Myhr, Cecilie Lindeman Steen and Huy Le Vo. The selected artists are Huyen Huyng, Lisa Collette Bysheim and Katrine Patry, Iannes Bruylant and Anna Benedicte Andresen and Tormod Midtbø.

Dansens Hus produksjonsteam

Prosjektleder: Kristin Skiftun

Kunstnerisk veileder og dramaturg: Magnus Myhr

Lys og video: Reidar Andreas Richardsen

Lyd: Nikolai Høgseth

Scene: Kent Rune Hansen

Background material