All about Mimi, 15. - 18. December

All about Mimi,
15. - 18. December

Meet the SoMe phenomenon Mimi Devine!

Mimi Devine is Carte Blanche dancer Shlomi Ruimi’s alter ego as an entertainer and drag queen. She has enjoyed enormous success during the pandemic, and is now taking her art and her TikTok and Instagram followers onto the stage. All about Mimi is a dance production in which Mimi mimes, dances and acts alongside four other voguers from the Norwegian ballroom community.


  • Mimi Devine (Shlomi Rimi) appearing on stage with

    Mother Cassandra (Cassandra Moldenhauer)
    Father Diesel (Daniel Elahi)
    Emmadonna (Emma Damskau)
    Thor (Tormod Skår Midtbø)
    All performers and dancers from Kiki House of Meraki.

  • Queen

    Mimi Devine

  • Choreography

    Shlomi Ruimi
    Cassandra Moldenhauer
    Daniel Elahi
    Emma Damskau
    Tormod Midtbø
    Nicola Gunn

  • Dramaturg/Co-writer

    Nicola Gunn

  • Sound

    Jørn Lvoll

  • Light

    Martin Myrvold

  • Costumes

    Silje Teland Pedersen

Supported by Kulturrådet and Bergen Kommune
Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjon and Carte Blanche.