Drag party

Friday 16 December, following the performance All About Mimi by Shlomi Ruimi, you are all invited to a drag party at Dansens Hus Bar.

Queen Penetra Schön will turn the dance floor on fire with her life-affirming DJ set and performative pop-ups, and the fabulous Haxtho's drag artistry will take your breath away, one split at a time.


Penetra Schön har slått seg opp som en høyst ettertraktet partymaker de siste årene. En skjeggete latin-x Queen som strekker seg forbi alle kategorier – som er like mye popdiva som artsy undergroud-babe. Med over 10 års erfaring fra homomiljøet i Bergen og Oslo kan denne dronninga gi deg all slags guilt-free pleasures og litt til.

Haxtho promo

Haxtho is a 24-year-old artist from Bergen who lives in Oslo. They have achieved a lot during the 5 years they have been active in the drag community, and have won Eurodrag Norway and Miss Iconic 2022. This autumn, Haxtho is currently working on their own show, "Haxtho Presents" at Teaterkjeller'n (Oslo Nye Teater). Haxtho is an allround performer as they performs most things – singing, stunts, dancing and hosting.