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I:OBJECT, 1.–4. November 2018

1.–4. November 2018

Spilles: Thu 01. Nov 2018 Fri 02. Nov Sat 03. Nov Sun 04. Nov

- rhythmic and virtuous, with its roots in African and Caribbean dance

Tabanka is renowned for its enthralling and rhythmical productions which give us the urge to move – in body and soul – and become active social participants. The company uses a rhythmically virtuous and physical approach to dance which enthrals us and makes it almost impossible to look away when they raise subjects which force us to take another look – at history, at society, at life, at ourselves.

In I:OBJECT, Tabanka explores the historical experiences which are engraved on African and Caribbean bodies. Experiences of forced and voluntary migration, of being turned into objects, things, commodities; of encounters with racism, hatred and violence. Tabanka does not explore the role of victim, but instead focuses on the resistance, the power and the hope. Dance, song and music have acted as tools to breathe life and soul back into the object; they have turned every gesture, laugh, smile, booty shake and stomping foot into resistance, into something alive and powerful.

Musically, I:OBJECT draws on melodious and lyrical compositions, and is given an exciting rhythmic treatment which illustrates the physical and metaphysical drum, which incites movement, activity and progress. I:OBJECT addresses highly contemporary social issues, seen in the context of Black Lives Matter, #metoo, modern slavery and people trafficking. The company’s own slogan is ‘Ancient Power - Modern Use’

Tabanka has developed its own movement technique which activates the entire body and is based on the African and Caribbean approach to movement.


Thomas Talawa Prestø
Joel Ramirez
Cecilie Graven Engseth
Wolman Michelle Luciano
Pearl Tawiah
Lacky Mahamed
Joel Ramirez
Ekperedinma Clarice Okeke
Victor Amel Olivares Pedersen
Rena Onye
Shirley Langhelle
Serjo Sankareh
Grace Tenga
Kamelia Javadi
Pearl Tawiah
Funmi Adewole
Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus
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