dEEp dOWN dopEiZM

Into The Deep, 04. - 05. December 2021

Into The Deep,
04. - 05. December 2021

Dansens Hus at Rommen Scene.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price155 - 320
  • StageExternal

Dates & times

  • 04. December - 17:00
  • 04. December - 19:00
  • 05. December - 17:00
  • 05. December - 19:00

In Into The Deep , the dancers invite the audience right onto the stage and into their community. In many ways, this is street dance at its subtlest and most vulnerable. It is almost a meditation of how powerful it can be to hear and feel a rhythm over time, and how movement and energy can change and turn into something more, if things happen in a group and are shared with others.


  • Choreography and performers

    Mathias Jin Budtz
    Claúdio Fernandes
    Marlene Skoglund
    Anne Goldberg Stavn
    Ida Louise Sundby
    Camilla Tellefsen
    Sindre Eriksson Vik

  • Music

    Niwin Music/Nikolai Nypan
    Natal Zaks (tilpasset av Mathias Jin Budtz)

  • Light design

    Reidar Richardsen

  • Costumes

    dEEp dOWN dopEiZM

  • Video

    Elin Osjord

  • Photo

    Elin Osjord
    Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus