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Into The Deep, 4.–5. December

Into The Deep,
4.–5. December

Spilles: Sat 04. Dec Sun 05. Dec

Dansens Hus at Rommen Scene.

In Into The Deep , the dancers invite the audience right onto the stage and into their community. In many ways, this is street dance at its subtlest and most vulnerable. It is almost a meditation of how powerful it can be to hear and feel a rhythm over time, and how movement and energy can change and turn into something more, if things happen in a group and are shared with others.

Into The Deep was part of the 2018 Choreography Laboratory at Dansens Hus, and has now been developed into a full-length production. In the process, its creators have examined the groove and how this influences and unites people. The Crew’s general philosophy, both through their cultural and artistic work, is that everyone can and should dance, and that people have an instinctive need to move rhythmically. The Crew works collectively and on the basis of an idea that everyone is different, but absolutely essential in the creative process.

dEEp dOWN dopEiZM was established in 2009. The Oslo-based crew specialises in a range of street dance styles, such as hiphop, house, popping and breaking. Street dance is improvisational and social in its form, and it tends to involve a lot of contact between the dancers and the audience. Historically, the genre has developed outside the established dance studios – in the street, in parks, playgrounds, leisure clubs and at parties and nightclubs. It thereby takes its inspiration and some elements from other forms of dance, but also from personal and collective experiences.

The production will take place at Rommen Scene, Karen Platous vei 31.


Choreography and performers:
Mathias Jin Budtz
Claúdio Fernandes
Marlene Skoglund
Anne Goldberg Stavn
Ida Louise Sundby
Camilla Tellefsen
Sindre Eriksson Vik
Niwin Music/Nikolai Nypan
Natal Zaks (tilpasset av Mathias Jin Budtz)
Light design:
Reidar Richardsen
dEEp dOWN dopEiZM
Elin Osjord
Elin Osjord
Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus
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