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Human, 29. September–1. October 2020

29. September–1. October 2020

Spilles: Tue 29. Sep 2020 Wed 30. Sep Thu 01. Oct

The human behind the diagnosis.

Human is a solo performance combining modern dance, visual technology and music and sound specially made for this performance. Everything you see on the screen is made solely by the use of the dancer’s body parts and movements. The movements derive from the physical and mental limitations people suffering from schizophrenia experience, choreographing movements to give insight and understanding how a human being relates to this diagnosis on different levels.

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that influences a person’s mindset, emotion and function. The artists behind this performance are interested in the moment when the diagnosis overshadow the person, and he or she is almost not seen as a human being but just a diagnosis. The aim is to see this condition from an artistic angel.

Plire Multi Dance
is a dance company run and founded by choreographer Taran Refvem, working with a multi-disciplinary orientation. The company was founded in 1999, and mainly produces performances combining dance and visual technologies.

Tundra* is an award-winning creative studio based in Oslo working internationally. It is run by artistic and creative director Espen Haslene and art director Karine Faou.


Concept and idea:
Tharan Revfem
Tharan Revfem
Espen Haslene
Plire Multi og Tundra*
Tharan Revfem
Film and photo:
Nina Biong
Finn Vine
Light design:
Espen Haslene
Tharan Revfem
Film photographer:
Kristoffer Archetti
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