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How to die - Inopiné, 16.–21. March 2021

How to die - Inopiné,
16.–21. March 2021

Spilles: Tue 16. Mar 2021 Wed 17. Mar Thu 18. Mar Fri 19. Mar Sat 20. Mar Sun 21. Mar

This performance i cancelled.

Due to restrictions imposed because of the Corona situation i Norway this performance is cancelled.

A silence beyond silence. The silence when you are so deep in the mountains at night that the only thing you hear is the sound of your own heartbeat. It might end in companionship, singing around the campfire. Or it might never end. What would happen if there is no end? A process. A performance. Maybe it will continue because everyone has something to hold onto.

This is a time we have not yet imagined. We can practise, we can prepare for the unexpected. How to die is a multidisciplinary exploration of ecological anxiety, cultural panic and a sense of collapse.

- Trots mörker och apokalyps lykkas verket How to die - inopiné väcka hopp om vår framtid



Concept, choreography and dancer:
Mia Habib
Concept and research curator:
Namik Mackic
Artistic adviser:
Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Creative team and co-researchers:
Harald Beharie, Anna Pehrsson, Asher Lev og Nina Wollny
Sound design:
Jassem Hindi
Light design:
Ingeborg Olerud
Cosume design:
Ali Hazara
Marie Kraft
Ashkan Sepahvand
Cosume consultant:
Christina Lindgren
Scenography consultant:
Trond Solberg
Producer and director:
Grethe Henden
Producer and international distributor:
Siri Leonardsen
Pre production:
Kira Senkpiel
Ingeborg Olerud
Namik Mackic
Tale Hendnes/Dansens HUs
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