Therese Slob

Hello, 19. - 21. February 2021

19. - 21. February 2021

Because of the corona situation we unfortunately have to cancel this performance.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price155-320
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 19. February - 19:00
  • 20. February - 16:00
  • 20. February - 19:00
  • 21. February - 16:00
  • 21. February - 19:00

A beautiful, strong and personal production about identity.

In Hello, we meet three young dancers with roots in different cultures. On the stage are three dancers, each with their own real-life stories. Stories of finding out who they are and where they belong to. Together, their stories have become a strong, tough and vulnerable dance production that is a mix of hip hop, breakdance, text and film. Their stories do not belong just to these young people; they are the narratives of many people. And they deserve to be heard!

Abir and her family escaped from Yemen. In her culture, girls are not supposed to stand up for themselves, or to dance. But dance has given this shy, quiet girl the courage to make her own choices. Dance has allowed her to find her voice.

Bao has grown up in Norway with a Norwegian mother, Vietnamese father and one foot in each culture. In situations like this, it can be difficult to know who you really are. For Bao, dancing was a natural way of communicating with others. Dance has allowed him to find a sense of belonging.

Miko escaped from Eritrea, and journeyed for many months before arriving in Norway. A young boy with a strong story. Through dance, he has built a life and normality in Norway.

- The dance and text come straight from the gut. And they hit you there. Hard

Hamar Arbeiderblad

Background material

  • Helloslob4

    Hei og HELLO!

    HELLO springer ut fra danserne Abir, Bao og Miko sine personlige historier, erfaringer og minner. Jeg møtte dem, samt koreograf Therese Slob, til en samtale om arbeidet med forestillingen, forventninger, inntrykk og effekt.


  • Director and choreographer

    Therese Slob

  • Dancers

    Abir Alyousofi
    Milkias Alem
    Bao Andre Nguyen

  • Scenography

    Lise Skjæråsen

  • Light Design

    Sindre Stølsdokken

  • Sound

    Thorleif Silkebekken

  • Film

    Mathias Eek

Producers: Teater Innlandet and Therese Slob Produksjoner
Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Spenn, Innlandet Fylkeskommune, Hamar kommune and Fritt Ord.