Hva leter du etter?

Jonas Øren, 14. May

Jonas Øren,
14. May

Spilles: Thu 14. May 2020

Watch, listen and learn about William Forsythe.

Dancer Jonas Øren presents a verbal and physical lecture of the methods of one of the greatest choreographers in the post-war period.

Øren illustrates the part of Forsythe’s artistry in changing dance, the dancer and our reading of dance, as well as expanding what movement can and should mean. He reads architecture, spaces, light, and living and/or movable objects through a lens of choreographic thinking.

Learn about how Forsythe was, and still is, expanding the terminology and changing the course of dance and classical ballet, through choreographic thinking, the use of music, spaces, lighting, and last but not least, the body and its possibilities.


Dancer and choregrapher:
Jonas Øren
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