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Ina Christel Johannessen/ zvc

Future, 01. - 04. September 2016

01. - 04. September 2016

Future forms the first part of Ina Christel Johannessen’s exploration of a wide-ranging and multifaceted focal point: the future.

  • Duration90 min
  • Price155-290
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 01. September - 19:00
  • 02. September - 19:00
  • 03. September - 17:00
  • 04. September - 19:00

That which is not yet here, but which is coming. What creates the future? Everything that has been – and everything that is – creates the future. We create the future. NOW.  Every single choice made by each and every one of us plays its part in creating the future. It is our responsibility. Now, all the time… you and I. We.

In Future, Ina puts the child at the centre of her exploration. What will we pass on to the children, the bearers of the future? For this production, Ina has worked closely with the eight dancers who form the production ensemble, along with a group of children. Through Ina Christel Johannessen’s distinctive methodical approach to the material, the production will gradually take shape as she takes the dancers deeper and deeper into the heart of the subject.  The Belgian composer Bram Bosteels of Kaboom Karavan has worked closely with Ina Christel Johannessen to develop the production’s original music. Bram’s personal style comes from a mixture of self-made instruments, antique stringed instruments and electronic effects, which work together to create a bizarre universe with a carnival feel.

nydelig å se samspillet mellom barna og de voksne danserne

Nydelige møter mellom barn og voksne i en kompleks struktur av tid og rom.

Background material

  • Edhem Jesenkovic

    7 år og forelsket

    Koreograf Ina Christel Johannessen lager ny forestilling med tittelen Future. Vi har fått innblikk fra danserne i forberedelsene til forestillingen

  • Zvc Who Told You This Room Exists Tale Hendnes 2 32

    Humanismen i bevegelsen

    – Jeg innser at jeg alltid har holdt på med et slags humanistisk prosjekt. Det handler om forsøket på å se den andre, i relasjonene mellom danserne, men også i forholdet til et medskapende publikum.


  • Dancers

    Yaniv Cohen
    Pia Elton Hammer
    Antero Hein
    Merete Hersvik
    Edhem Jesenkovic
    Maria Chiara Mezzadri
    Ole Kristian Tangen
    Line Tørmoen

  • Children


  • Original music

    Bram Bosteels

  • Scenography and costumes

    Kristin Torp/GRAA HVERDAG

  • Lighting design

    Kyrre Heldal Karlsen

  • Sound technician

    Morten Pettersen

  • Stage technician

    Nico Benz

  • Technical coordinator

    Nico Benz

  • Production scenography

    Aanerud Industries

  • Production manager

    Kirsti Ulvestad

  • International agent

    Lene Bang

  • Co-producers

    Dansens Hus, Oslo
    Hessisches Staatsballett
    Staatstheater Darmstadt
    Staatstheater Wiesbaden
    Espaco do Tempo, Portugal

  • Foto

    Erik Berg

  • Zero Visibility Corp is funded by

    Norsk Kulturråd