Encantado, 07. - 08. December

07. - 08. December

  • Duration70 min
  • Price360
  • StageMain stage

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro’s Favela de la Maré, Lia Rodrigues and her company summon spirits of healing—the encantados—in a jubilant new dance piece that seeks to re-enchant the world and the body. A hundred colored blankets transform the stage, and then the dancers begin their own metamorphoses. A vibrant soundtrack of songs by Brazil’s Mbyá Guaraní people, recorded during a demonstration for land recognition, underscores the ever-present link in Rodrigues’ work between the evocative and the political. Out of stillness, color, and form, Encantado builds to a carnivalesque crescendo of shape-shifting freedom.


  • Creation

    Lia Rodrigues

  • Danced and created in close collaboration by

    11 medskapende dansere TBA

  • Choreographic Assistant

    Amalia Lima

  • Dramaturg

    Silvia Soter

  • Artistic collaboration and images

    Sammi Landweer

  • Light Design

    Nicolas Boudier

  • Stage managers

    Magali Foubert
    Baptistine Méral

  • Lyd

    Alexandre Seabra

Music excerpts: songs of the GUARANI MBYA PEOPLE / Village of Kalipety do T.I. indigenous territory / Tenondé Porã, (sung and played during the indigenous demonstration in Brasilia in August 2021 for the recognition of their ancestral lands in danger)
Sound: Alexandre Seabra
International representation/Booking : Colette de Turville
Production coordinator: Astrid Toledo
Administration: Jacques Segueilla
Production Brazil: Gabi Gonçalves/ Corpo Rastreado
Production project Goethe Institut: Claudia Oliveira
Secretary: Gloria Laureano
Teachers: Amalia Lima, Sylvia Barretto, Valentina Fittipaldi

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