This Alien Body, 07. - 10. November

This Alien Body,
07. - 10. November

The changeable body.

In This Alien Body, DEED, made up by the dance artist duo Suzie Davies and Mattias Ekholm, explores what happens to us when we find that the body, mind, or both, are changing and appear foreign to us – “alien.” When the body no longer obeys. When the mind restricts our options, does this mean that there are external forces confining us, or that it is we ourselves who are losing our way in the wilderness of the soul?

In This Alien Body, the dancers fight their way through limitations and stagnation. Definitions must be rephrased. Ideas are replaced by new ideas. Limits are redefined. What we once took for granted is no longer there. We have to build something new. 


  • Choreography/Concept/Producer

    Suzie Davies
    Mattias Ekholm

  • Direction/Sound composition

    Øyvind Osmo Eriksen

  • Performers

    Suzie Davies
    Mattias Ekholm
    Runi Langum (billedkunstner)

  • Scenography

    Thomas Björk

  • Projection/Video

    Peter Knudsen

  • Light

    Tobias Leira

  • Costumes

    Ingjerd Meland

  • Graphic design

    Lena Heggelund

  • Economy/Producing

    Cathe Sjøblom

  • Produsent


Co-producers: Dansens Hus, Fossekleiva kultursenter
Supported by: Norsk kulturfond, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Drammen kommune