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Crowd, 15.–16. March 2019

15.–16. March 2019

Spilles: Fri 15. Mar 2019 Sat 16. Mar

CROWD is a choreographed techno rave about the leveled, violent and holy in the arts - nothing less!

CROWD are the highlights of SKAM, in the form of a dance performance, or a summary of all the high school parties you never got the chance to attend, that you now are invited to watch from a safe, sober distance. These were the words from Oktoberdans, when the performance was shown in Bergen, autumn 2018. With a starting point in rituals and celebrations from ancient times up to today, Gisèle Vienne gathers 15 young people on stage. They dance as if it was the last thing they would do on earth, to the DJ- sets of Peter Rehberg and droneking Stepehen O'Malley.

The performance is a part of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival and a collaboration between Dansens Hus and Black Box teater

Her masterful consecration of revelry and splendour is a fierce rollercoaster – you’d better fasten your seatbelts

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Concept, choreography and set design: :
Gisèle Vienne
Assisted by:
Anja Röttgerkamp and Nuria Guiu Sagarra
Patrick Riou
Gisèle Vienne og Dennis Cooper
utvalg fra Underground Resistance, KTL, Vapour Space, DJ Rolando, Drexciya, The Martian, Choice, Jeff Mills, Peter Rehberg, Manuel Göttsching, Sun Electric and Global Communication
Editing of playlist:
Peter Rehberg
Sound design:
Stephen O’Malley
Philip Berlin, Marine Chesnais, Kerstin Daley-Baradel, Sylvain Decloitre, Sophie Demeyer, Vincent Dupuy, Massimo Fusco, Rémi Hollant, Oskar Landström, Theo Livesey, Louise Perming, Katia Petrowick, Jonathan Schatz, Henrietta Wallberg og Tyra Wigg.
Gisèle Vienne in collaboration with Camille Queval and the performers
Sound techichian:
Adrien Michel
Technical direction:
Richard Pierre
Stage master:
Antoine Hordé
Light supervisor:
Arnaud Lavisse
Production and booking:
Alma Office, Anne-Lise Gobin, Alix Sarrade and Camille Queval
Etienne Hunsinger
Executive producer:
Estelle Hanania
In collaboration with:
Black Box teater og Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
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