Blue Carousel, 06. - 09. June

Blue Carousel,
06. - 09. June

Repetitive and humorous look at the objectified body.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price290
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

They attract and distract,
Absorbed in bold encounters.
Playfully blurring dynamic feminine undertones, 
They morph.
Suggesting, defying, pushing boundaries and expectations. 
A serious parade in all its absurdity.


Blue Carousel is a satire on seduction. A power play of expectations and associations, collapsing and climaxing into a series of transformations. Bysheim and Patry work with humour and repetition as a choreographic tool to comment on how the body is viewed, objectified and categorised.

In a study of the seductive body, based on humour and bird mating dances, they indulge in all-consuming moments. Through a series of performative situations, they revel, twist and defy expectations through layers of fiction. They present soft and unforeseen confrontations, while insistent movements are woven together with transformative techno beats.

A playful and suggestive work that questions and challenges what is socially accepted vs the absurdity in the unexpected, while deconstructing the binaries of the masculine and feminine.

Flashing light and smoke will be used during the performance.

Background material

  • PM h 24 1

    Plukk og miks

    Det er jammen ikke lett å være lommebok når vi slipper en sesong full av spennende ting. Men vi har en løsning på det; kjøper du billett til tre ulike forestillinger får du 30% rabatt.


  • Concept, choreography and dance

    Lisa Colette Bysheim
    Katrine Patry

  • Sound design & Live DJ


  • Outer eye

    Janne-Camilla Lyster

  • Light design

    Eirik Lie Hegre

  • Scenography

    Sophia Gatzkan

  • Costume design

    Golnaz Adham

  • Sound consultant

    Mike McCormick

  • Production

    i.c.a.p (Lisa Reynolds & Elisabeth Gmeiner)

  • Photo

    Dev Dhunsi

Co-producers: Dansens Hus Oslo, BIT Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche 
Supported by: Kulturdirektoratet, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Bergen kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere

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