Skinn, 14.–17. September 2017

14.–17. September 2017

Spilles: Thu 14. Sep 2017 Fri 15. Sep Sat 16. Sep Sun 17. Sep

Many years of collaboration in a new constellation.

Before the dust has settled and the laughter subsided, we set the sky in motion and delve into a dark and engulfing landscape. We feel the wind in our hair, spit on the things that turn us grey and call for a battle, with a nod to our memories.

Over the last 6–10 years, Rikke Baewert, Ida Gudbrandsen and Loan Ha have brought their artistic talents together in a number of productions, mainly as contributing dancers in Impure Company with the choreographer Hooman Sharifi. This is their first production as the SUPERNOVA collective. 

A supernova is the enormous explosion of a star. The explosion releases energy which otherwise would have taken the star billions of years to expend; the brightness intensifies enormously, and for a short time can illuminate an entire galaxy.

On Friday 15 and Saturday 16, Dansens Hus presents dance’s answer to the Kinder Egg: You can experience the spectacular Origami dance installation by the Japanese Compagnie Furnikaï outdoors on the seaward side of Oslo Central Station (Friday 16:00 and 17:30, Saturday 13:00), the Norwegian Supernova with their production Shining (Dansens Hus 19:00) and the Hungarian Timothy and the Things with Your Mother at my Door (Dansens Hus 20:30).



Choreography and dance:
Rikke Baewert
Ida Gudbrandsen
Loan Thanh Ha
Set design:
Carl Nilssen-Love
Lighting design:
Martin Myrvold
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