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Alt nå, 22.–25. November 2019

Alt nå,
22.–25. November 2019

Spilles: Fri 22. Nov 2019 Sat 23. Nov Sun 24. Nov Mon 25. Nov

A performance simulator.

“Imagine closing your eyes. The world disappears behind your eyelids and becomes dark and quiet for a moment. Picture yourself sitting in a room. A fairly big room, with high ceilings and plenty of floor space. Imagine that you’re not alone, but that several people like you are sitting in rows, eyes closed and listening. If you open your eyes again, all this could change. Colours, shapes and impressions could change places, and nothing can be as it was before”.

Alt nå is a performance simulator which allows the audience to be alone together. The project explores the relationship between information, project explores the relationship between information, projection and manipulation in a system of acoustic, physical and visual material. The production has been created by choreographer and dancer Eivind Seljeseth, in collaboration with a group of performance artists who have come together for this project.


Eivind Seljeseth
Ingrid Haakstad
Orfee Schuijt
Mathias Stoltenberg
Sound Designer:
Erik Hedin
Lighting Designer:
Martin Myrvold
Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus
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