Afrikan Party, 01. - 03. November

Afrikan Party,
01. - 03. November

A street dance party and a celebration of the African continent's rich cultural diversity.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price360
  • StageMain stage

Oulouy and his crew Supa Rich Kids invite you to a celebration of life, highlighting each milestone in an African child’s journey from birth to death through dance, music, and fashion.

Afrikan Party is a futuristic ode to Afrika seen through the eyes of an African child born in the year 2090 and raised in the United States of Afrika. It is a celebration of the countless cultures, traditions, and rituals connecting this child to his past, his present and his future. An open window to an infinite field of possibilities for new generations. Join the party and experience the rich, multicolored, polyphony of the African continent through the eyes of a child in this kinetic swirl of street dance, mime, performance, and fashion.

Background material

  • PLUKK MIKS 2024

    Plukk og miks

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  • Concept and direction


  • Co-direction

    Yemi Osokoya

  • Choreography and performance

    supa rich kids: Oulouy, Yemi Osokoya, Ambrose Tjark, Ordinateur

  • Costume design

    Ambrose Tjark

  • LIght design

    Manuel Ordenavia

  • Music

    dj Kamol
    Julien Roolib
    Alieu Saho
    Manu Serpentar and friend
    Pau Clavé

  • External mentorship

    Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

The performance is presented in cooperation with Oslo World

Produced and distributed by:
Asociación Africa Moment
Coproduced by:
Department of culture of generalitat de catalunya, Terrassa arts escèniques / ajuntament de terrassa
Teatre Principal Terrassa (Spania) Africa Moment 2022

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