Workshop: Guy Nader & Maria Campos

Choreographers Guy Nader and Maria Campos have jointly developed a specific partnering vocabulary that forms a constant element in their work and productions. This is a very specific way of approaching dance, movement and choreography. The workshop is about meeting this vocabulary:

We will search for mechanics in movement, observing it to multiply paths and approaches. By understanding the complexity of the anatomy of movement, we will look into the opportunities presented by the body for expanding the vocabulary of movement. We will search for efficiency by focusing on understanding the locomotor system. When we dance with each other, we use spirals to open up the endless paths that multiply our opportunities for moving together.

We will use specific tasks and exercises to prepare the body for this demanding technique. We will learn numerous strategies and study different ways of approaching our partner’s body: How we can allow ourselves to let go, give weight, pull, push, jump, receive, block, invite, be invited, etc. This will enable us to create our own patterns within the group and develop our sense of responsibility and confidence in ourselves and others.

Guy Nader and Maria Campos, who are originally from Spain and Lebanon, are based in Barcelona and have been working together since 2006. They have created many works together, which have been performed internationally at a range of festivals and arenas. Nader and Campos have developed their own artistic language through movement, and continually redefine themselves while looking for new contexts and territories for dance.

Practical information

Time: 12:00–13:30
Date: 7 May 2022
For: Professional dance artists and students
Cloakrooms not available. Workshop participants must be ready and warmed up when the workshop starts.
The workshop is free.

Set of Sets, 06. - 08. May 2022